Peter Pan Audiobook Cover

Peter Pan Audiobook Cover

Excellent Narration To A Classic

4.5 out of 5 stars

It’s amazing how a certain line can take you right back to your childhood. The opening line of Peter Pan does that for me. “All children, except one, grow up.” I remember reading this as a child and not really understanding it. I also remember seeing the movie again as a 20-year-old and didn’t really understand it. Now, reading it as an adult, I think that there is SO much more to the story of Peter Pan than I originally thought.

I took the chance on this one because I love Victor Warren’s narration and I knew he would absolutely kill it with Peter Pan. I’m glad to know I was correct. He’s able to tell the story that I’ve heard a lot before in a way that really resonated with me.

Whether you’re a kid, a kid at heart, or an adult wishing they didn’t grow up – checking out Peter Pan again is really an experience. There are lots of versions of this out there, but this one was a real stand out in my humble opinion. Warren was really able to bring Barrie’s words to life and really gave each character their own vibe/feel.

Overall, revisiting a classic like this is harder and harder as time goes on. There are always things in them that jump out to me that wouldn’t fly now – but remembering when they were written helps a lot. Peter Pan doesn’t escape that but definitely has that special place in my heart.

Book Description:

Peter Pan Audiobook CoverOne night Peter is spotted and, while trying to escape, he loses his shadow. On returning to claim it, Peter wakes Mary’s daughter, Wendy Darling. Wendy succeeds in re-attaching his shadow to him, and Peter learns that she knows lots of bedtime stories.

He invites her to Neverland to be a mother to his gang, the Lost Boys, children who were lost in Kensington Gardens. Wendy agrees, and her brothers John and Michael go along. Their magical flight to Neverland is followed by many adventures.

The children are blown out of the air by a cannon and Wendy is nearly killed by the Lost Boy Tootles. Peter and the Lost Boys build a little house for Wendy to live in while she recuperates (a structure that, to this day, is called a Wendy House.) Soon John and Michael adopt the ways of the Lost Boys.

Peter Pan Narrator: Victor Warren
Length: 5 hrs and 29 mins
Series: Peter Pan #2
Published by Spoken Realms on October 12th 2021
Genres: Children's, Classics, Fantasy
Format: Audiobook


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