Priceless: A Tropical Authors Novella by Deborah Brown, Nicholas Harvey, Don Rich

A “Snackable” Tropical Mystery

4.5 out of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Priceless by Deborah Brown, Nicholas Harvey, and Don Rich. What I’ve enjoyed from the beginning about these Tropical Author novellas is the delightful “snackable” format of them. They are typically about 4-6 hours long (in audio format), making them perfect for those moments when you want a quick, engaging read that you can easily finish quickly. The fact that they are standalone stories, unburdened by the need to follow a complex series of interconnected plots, is a refreshing aspect. This flexibility allows you to dive into any of the novellas without worrying about the order.

In each of these stories, I particularly appreciated the subtle thread that connects each author’s main character to the storyline. Even if it’s just a brief encounter, this connection adds a layer of fun and intrigue to the reading experience. It’s like getting a sneak peek into the worlds of these authors and their main characters before fully immersing yourself in their respective books (and this has introduced me to at least a few Tropical Authors I didn’t know before this)

As for the story itself, I was pleasantly surprised by how captivating it was. Initially, I didn’t expect to be so invested in the fate of a kidnapped (which sounds weird, but they were extremely wealthy individuals). However, the authors skillfully crafted a story that made them genuinely likable and relatable. This made me genuinely care about her safety and well-being throughout the story – hoping that they would get home safely.

The plot’s pacing was well-executed, keeping me engaged from start to finish. The buildup of tension and suspense was masterfully handled making this book absolutely fly by. And speaking of the ending, I must say that it was incredibly satisfying. Without giving away any spoilers, I can say that the climax was a rollercoaster of action that held my attention until the very last moments.

Overall, Priceless was a delightful read that ticked all the right boxes for me. The novella’s format, the lack of rigid reading order, the clever character connections, and the intriguing storyline all combined to create an enjoyable experience.

Mixed with the performance by Kristie Dale Sanders, I thought this was a well-told and well-performed story without any major issues.

Book Description:

Priceless: A Tropical Authors Novella by Deborah Brown, Nicholas Harvey, Don Rich

Ransoms can be expensive, but a great friendship is priceless….

When a wealthy woman and her best friend are abducted during a charity event in the Cayman Islands, no one has reason to suspect they’re missing…except one curious witness.

Rella and Harper’s best hope of survival rests in the hands of strangers whose paths are crossed as their merciless kidnappers lead them on an exhilarating chase from Grand Cayman to the shores of Virginia.

In book four of the Tropical Authors collaboration series, Deborah Brown, Don Rich, and Nicholas Harvey come up with another thriller featuring characters from each of their series.

Whether you’re new to these fan-favorites, or an old friend along for the ride, you’ll love seeing them weaved together in this tropical action and adventure thriller featuring:

Rella Cabot and Harper Finn from Deborah Brown’s popular Biscayne Bay series know there’s no avoiding the drama in South Florida. The two besties aren’t looking for trouble – but somehow it always finds them.

The Florida mysteries are “great as stand-alone reads, but you won’t be able to devour just one!”

Rikki Jenkins and Casey Shaw are fishing pals from Don Rich’s action-packed waterfront Coastal Adventure Series. Set on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay on Virginia’s Eastern Shore peninsula, there are always plenty of boats, beer, and villains in every book. And you can always run a tab at Mallard Cove’s Beach Bar….

Ex-pat Norwegian turned island constable, Nora Sommer, kicks off the story in her unique and direct, no-nonsense style.
Nora Sommer and AJ Bailey (making a brief appearance) are the two reluctant heroines who can be found in USA Today best-selling author Nicholas Harvey’s Nora Sommer Caribbean Suspense and AJ Bailey Adventure series.

Priceless by Deborah Brown, Nicholas Harvey, Don Rich
Narrator: Kristie Dale Sanders
Length: 5 hrs and 30 mins
Series: Tropical Adventures #4
Published by Wild Yonder Press on June 11th 2023
Genres: Adventure, Sea Adventure, Mystery
Format: Audiobook
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Also by this author: Angels of the Deep, Graceless, Deadly Sommer, Solomon's Well
Also in this series: Graceless, Shameless



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