Just Okay, Nothing Ground Breaking

3 out of 5 stars

This was such an interesting book – and I mean that in the good and the not so good ways. There were a few times when reading this where I was thinking “what on earth am I reading” while there were other times I thought “oh man, I can’t wait to see what happens!” Max Barry wrote a book that absolutely perplexed me.

I loved the idea of the Providence(s) and the inner battles that the crew on them were facing. I can’t really get into it, but I just found it fascinating. The alien race that we were hunting down and killing by the thousands – there were a few scenes (once again spoilers) that really surprised me as well. But overall, this book had me feeling okay. It wasn’t something I couldn’t put down, but I also wanted to finish it to see where Barry was going with it.

Overall, it was a 3 or 4 star book from me. Nothing amazing, but definitely worth a read if you are looking for an interesting take on alien invasion/fighting for survival against aliens with a lot of psychological twists to it.

Honestly, the shining star here was Brittany Pressley’s narration – it really shined and brought this book to life. It was definitely one of the reasons that I continued to listen to this one.

Book Description:

From the ingenious author of Jennifer Government and Lexicon: a brilliant work of science fiction that tells the intimate tale of four people facing their most desperate hour – alone, together, at the edge of the universe.

The video changed everything. Before that, we could believe that we were safe. Special. Chosen. We thought the universe was a twinkling ocean of opportunity, waiting to be explored.

Afterward, we knew better.

Seven years after first contact, Providence Five launches. It is an enormous and deadly warship, built to protect humanity from its greatest ever threat. On board is a crew of just four – tasked with monitoring the ship and reporting the war’s progress to a mesmerized global audience by way of social media.

But while pursuing the enemy across space, Gilly, Talia, Anders, and Jackson confront the unthinkable: Their communications are cut, their ship decreasingly trustworthy and effective. To survive, they must win a fight that is suddenly and terrifyingly real.

Providence by Max Barry
Narrator: Brittany Pressley
Length: 9 hrs and 49 mins
Published by Penguin Audio on March 31st 2020
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook


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