A Good Bio-Thriller

5 out of 5 stars

Wow, what a story. Public Enemy Zero was intriguing and a little confusing in the beginning.  There were also a few parts throughout the whole ‘earth mother’ thing.  But other than that, the story was excellent. A great read for a fan of a good thriller and an especially good read for someone who likes biological agent, bio-terrorism type books. This is definitely right up your alley.

Also, great use of “new media” within the book (use of youtube and twitter), and you could tell that this was finished rather recently because it contained pertinent news information that was newer.

I blew through this in a long layover in Miami airport coming home from our honeymoon, and I was in no way disappointed.

Book Description:

Public Enemy Zero by Andrew Mayne (2011 Throwback Review)five-stars
Public Enemy Zero by Andrew Mayne
Published by Self Published on May 26th 2011
Genres: Bio-Thriller
Pages: 222
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The world is out to kill Mitchell Roberts. A strange virus is on the loose sending everyone he comes in contact with into a homicidal rage. From narrowly avoiding getting murdered at his ex-girlfriend’s front door, to a crowded shopping mall turned one-man zombie apocalypse, he’s got to stay a step ahead of everyone around him if he doesn’t want to get ripped apart alive. He’ll need to use every resource he has, from the advice of a paranoid late night radio host, to his Twitter account and find out why he’s become Public Enemy Zero.

Also by this author: The Naturalist (The Naturalist #1), Looking Glass (The Naturalist #2), Murder Theory (The Naturalist #3), Dark Pattern

About the Author:

Andrew Mayne, star of A&E’s Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne, is a magician and novelist ranked the fifth best-selling independent author of the year by Amazon UK. He started his first world tour as an illusionist when he was a teenager and went on to work behind the scenes for Penn & Teller, David Blaine and David Copperfield. He’s also the host of the WeirdThings.com podcast. AndrewMayne.com


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