Request a Review on Brian's Book Blog

Request a Review on Brian's Book Blog

Please do not submit an ebook for review. I am no longer accepting non-audiobooks for review. 

To submit an audiobook for review, please read and then submit it below.

Due to the increase in requests, I cannot guarantee your review will be finished in any time frame.

I usually get to the books within 4-5 months.  If your review has been out longer than that I either read it and didn’t want to post a negative review or it’s been lost to the TBR pile.
I may still get to it, but it’s nothing personal. 

If you are interested in a faster turn-around time there is an option to request more information about that.
Please select that option when submitting and I will get back to you about it!

Accepting your book for review just means that I will add it to my queue. I will read the books in the order that I feel is right.  Emailing/Tweeting me to ask when your book will be finished does not speed up my process.  Sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes the book is the same genre that I just read.  I will get to your book when I can and write the best review possible.

If you are mean or nasty to me (after ignoring the line above) taking a cue from our friends at Sci-Fi and Scary.

Please include an audible code in your review request – (I’m in the US, so a US code please).

If you are not through Audible, I can still work with you. I do accept mp3/m4b and other (Author’s Direct) as well.

Request Information

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Also, include an audible code here, please!

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These are optional! I do not charge to review your books, just for the option to skip ahead in my queue.