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5 out of 5 stars

So, as much of a fan of C.T. Phipps work as I have been, I have absolutely no idea why I wanted so long to pick this one up.  I guess since I don’t consider myself a huge comic book, superhero, or fantasy nerd but reading through this book in a couple days tells me that maybe I am more than I thought.

Phipps tells a story about Gary, an average guy in a great marriage who becomes a Supervillain pretty much by chance. He turns into “Merciless: The Supervillain Without Mercy” (yes he knows it redundant) and with his trusty sidekick… or I guess fashion accessory Cloak they try to do evil but get stuck in the middle.

I love the idea of an anti-villain similar to an anti-hero.  Gary brings this up somewhere near the end of the book when trying to figure out what the hell he is.  He’s a Supervillain and he’s very proud of that, but he ends up doing more good than harm it seems.

Gary and Cloak were two of the funniest characters I’ve heard in a while.  Their snarky attitudes and constant back and forth (to the confusion and dismay of those around them) had me in stitches. Funny story, the last character I thought to be this funny was also a Phipps creation, Jane Doe.

To drag on probably too long about the amount this book is funny – Phipps is able to write these character as snarky but also extremely real.  I’m a real smartass in real life and I relate to them more than I expected to.  The things that they think and say out loud are real reaction that a real person would have in the extreme situations they would be put in.  I think that’s why I enjoy them so much.

Knowing that I’m not a comics book person, this book was fantastic. It was the perfect quick story that I needed to make this week go by just a bit faster.

Of course, throw in Jeffrey Kafer’s narration (especially the overly snarky parts) and you have a winner.  Kafer is able to perform these seemingly over-the-top characters perfectly and do it in a way that always puts a smile on my face while listening.

The benefit of starting this series so late is that I get to read them almost back to back without missing any more of the story!

Book Description:

The Rules of Supervillainy (Supervillainy Saga #1) by C.T. Phipps (Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer)five-stars
The Rules of Supervaillainy by CT Phipps
Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer
Length: 6 hrs and 38 mins
Series: The Supervillainy Saga #1
Published by Amber Cove Publishing on October 23rd 2015
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 227
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Gary Karkofsky is an ordinary guy with an ordinary life living in an extraordinary world. Supervillains, heroes, and monsters are a common part of the world he inhabits. Yet, after the death of his hometown's resident superhero, he gains the amazing gift of the late champion's magical cloak. Deciding he prefers to be rich rather than good, Gary embarks on a career as Merciless: The Supervillain Without Mercy. But is he evil enough to be a villain in America's most crime-ridden city? Gary soon finds himself surrounded by a host of the worst of Falconcrest City's toughest criminals. Supported by his long-suffering wife, his ex-girlfriend turned professional henchwoman, and a has-been evil mastermind, Gary may end up being not the hero they want but the villain they need.

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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