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Rusty Logic

Another Funny and Excellent Book

5 out of 5 stars

I accidentally sat on writing my review of Rusty Logic for almost a week before remembering I needed to write and publish this review. If you can’t tell I went on a bit of a Robin Alexander tear lately and for good reason. When I finished Blissfully Blindsided I was just blown away by the amount of laughter that Alexander was able to get into a book. Each book since has been a different kind of funny but they’ve all been interesting and made me chuckle and smile throughout.

Rusty Logic was no different. The flamingoes on the cover of this book are there with good reason and the scenes around them were easily some of the funniest. And the characters in this one… just wow. They were off their rockers both in comedy but also a bit crazy (in a good way). I loved the family time and the different connections that were made.

I also love the way that each character has to grow in different ways – one of them had to grow quite a bit more and once the finale comes it was so worth the wait and the payoff were grand.

Alexander always does a great job writing books that leave me feeling better when I finish reading them and this one was no different. I finished it with a smile on my face and a glow in my heart and soul.

Book Description:

Rusty Logic Audiobook Cover

Ancelet Bay, Louisiana, on the surface is a peaceful and quiet little town. It seemed to be the perfect place for workaholic Rusty Martinez to detox and deal with destructive habits that had affected her health. The respite, however, comes with some unexpected side effects, one of which is a plastic flamingo-wielding neighbor who suspects Rusty is a terrorist.

Rusty’s mental and emotional transformation becomes a wild ride. Police Chief Kirsten Flyte doesn’t even realize that she’s on the journey with Rusty as they leave life’s back roads and hop onto the cerebral expressway that takes them through chaos, temporary insanity, and eventually bliss.

Come to Ancelet Bay with Robin Alexander, and let her tell you a tale about personal discovery, life, and love in her typical comedic fashion. Watch out for the flamingos.

Rusty Logic by Robin Alexander
Narrator: Lori Prince
Length: 7 hrs and 40 mins
Published by Tantor Audio on January 25th 2022
Format: Audiobook
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