Terms of Use

The scariest part… is that it could happen

5 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a vision of the future that has roots in now.  Actually, this isn’t really the future.  Circles is the biggest and the best social media platform on the Internet.  People log in all day long because they are tied to it in ways that keep them coming back for more.  And Circles is trying to keep them there even longer.  Suddenly, Circles is hacked and hacked professionally.  They didn’t even realize what was going on until it was too late.  One of the main people in the innermost part of Circles (called Labs) is then brutally murdered that night.  Once Sergio begins to look into what was happening he quickly goes into a rabbit hole like scenario where every turn could cost him his life.

Narration for Terms of Use was done by David Colacci and he absolutely kills it (pardon my pun).  Colacci has one of those voices that allows him to talk about a brutal murder scene one minute, and the next explain details about a social bot problem on the Circles network.  The quality was perfect, just like every other Brilliance Audio recording that I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.

Well, this book grabbed me by my ankles and pulled me under quick.  It just launched me into a world that I’m semi-familiar with (the tech world) and then threw me under a bus when they started revealing some of the back-plot of the story.  If you wanted to know what a technothriller was–this is a wonderful example.  Taking the techno part is the inner workings of Circles. It’s explained in a way that I think that anyone could understand, but not left too vague so that those that are “in the know” felt tickled as well.  The triller part was dead on.  You’ve got dead bodies, car chases, gun-fights, hostage situations, and more.  What more could one ask for?

Overall, I’m sad that I put this book off for so long (only a month or so).  I really enjoyed it and found myself staying up to find out what happened next.  The length was perfect, it wasn’t too long where it felt like it was dragging out, or too short where the author left me begging for me — it was just right.  The proverbial three little pigs moment.

I will definitely be looking forward to books to come from Morrison.

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Circles is the most popular social network in the world: vast, ubiquitous, and constantly evolving. Days before expanding into China, Circles suffers a devastating cyberattack – and a key executive is brutally murdered.

As he fights to save the company he helped build, top engineer Sergio Mansour uncovers evidence of a massive conspiracy that turns the power of Circles against its users. But as Sergio investigates, someone is watching his every move – someone ruthless enough to brand him a criminal and set a vicious hit man on his trail.

Desperate to clear his name, Sergio turns to Malina Olson, a beautiful and headstrong doctor who has an agenda of her own. Now, he and Malina must survive long enough to expose the truth in a world without hiding places, where a single keystroke can shift the global balance of power.


Scott Allan MorrisonScott Allan Morrison was a journalist for almost twenty years, covering politics, business, and technology in Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Morrison arrived in Silicon Valley as a reporter for the Financial Times during the darkest days of the dot-com crash. He later wrote about the Web 2.0 boom for Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal. Over the course of a decade, Morrison covered most of the world’s top tech companies and chronicled many of Silicon Valley’s greatest stories, including the rise of Internet insecurity and the explosion of social media.

Morrison was born in Toronto and as a child dreamed of playing in the National Hockey League. His playing time was cut short at the tender age of ten when his family moved to Mexico, which at the time had one ice rink in the entire country. Morrison attended the University of Texas at El Paso, where he set his sights on computer science, not realizing that he’d be required to demonstrate, at the very least, a passable proficiency in calculus. He eventually graduated with a degree in journalism from Ryerson University in Canada. In between classes, Morrison waited tables, renovated homes, pulverized mineral samples and guarded inmates at a maximum-security jail. Then he spent four years teaching English and traveling in Southeast Asia. He speaks fluent Spanish and very rusty Mandarin. He lives in Northern California with his wife and his hockey sticks.


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