Invasion.  Aliens are coming, follow one well-off family as they attempt to survive

Aliens are coming, or at least that’s sure what it looks like.  This causes a quick panic because everyone on Earth is completely in the dark as to what they want/need from them.  Forcing most people into a panic, the Dempsy’s are trying to get to their underground bunker to escape anything these aliens will throw their way.

The narration, done by Ray Porter was excellent.  He’s definitely a great narrator.  He gives a great rendition of Meyer Dempsy and the others in Dempsy’s family.  Porter was obviously an excellent choice, he doesn’t have the “military” man voice that some authors seem to pull off excellently, but that’s good because the main character was a businessman, not a military man.  There were no issues with the production, just like every other Podium Publishing audiobook I’ve listened to.

Meyer Dempsy is not someone you would normally feel sorry for.  Rich, with a wonderful family, and even a plan on how to survive almost anything.  I’m glad that Platt & Truant didn’t dive much deeper into Dempsy’s past because I don’t think I could have felt sorry for them.  Following them while they encounter problem after problem.  Dempsy was prepared but not as much as he could have been.

Platt & Truant did a wonderful job making you really feel for this family.  Within Invasion you go from not being sure what Meyer was thinking–to basically realizing that this man was a genius (other than a few small problems).

I really enjoyed this, I finished it in a few sittings and was really glad that I listened to the audiobook version.  I will definitely be checking out the next book in this series (to which there was a 15-ish minute clip at the end of this audiobook).  Platt & Truant are easily becoming one of my favorite duo of writers.

Book Description

Invasion by Sean Platt & Johnny B. Truant  (Narrated by Ray Porter)five-stars
Invasion by Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt
Narrator: Ray Porter
Published by Podium Audio Genres: Post-Apocalyptic

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