Second Wind Audiobook Cover

Second Wind Audiobook Cover

I Didn’t Know I Needed This

4.5 out of 5 stars

Sometime a book comes along at the right time in your life. I wasn’t looking for this book but somehow it found me. I needed something to give me some hope and just a different outlook on things. Second Wind was able to do that without being too pretentious or overzealous in its attempt.

There were a few times, especially early in the book where I felt like I was being mansplained certain things – and it doesn’t really stop as the book progresses, I just got accustomed to it. An early example was Schumacher explaining what a start was on a car and similar things like that. I understand/get the reasoning but at the same time it made the book feel like it wasn’t written for me specifically (which obviously it’s not).

I think that the way that Schumacher wrote the book allows it to flow really naturally and build up the skill over time – sharing different ways and learnings as the book progresses. Sometimes these books jump right into it and something you read all the pages until the last 10 and the “secret” is in the last ten. Honestly, listening to this book felt a bit like when you go to your dad for advice and he’s able to sit down and actually go through it – giving stories and anecdotes that resonate and make it both understandable at your level but also easier to retain and remember.

Probably the best one for me personally was the thoughts around “Winning the Battle in Your Mind”. Schumacher knows that a lot of people struggle with this and gave some great ideas on how to overcome this very personal obstacle.

Honestly, the narration by Kevin Clay was the star of the show here. For a book that could have been very dry – Clay did a great job telling it like the proverbial dad that I mentioned earlier. It really made it feel like it was just someone sitting in a room talking to me instead of someone reading me someone else’s words.

Overall, a great, short book on overcoming adversity that shows lots of different kinds along with different ways to become more resilient – which is pretty darn important in this day and age.

Book Description:

Second Wind Audiobook Cover

You can overcome more than you think you can. You have a Second Wind.

You likely know the feelings that come with the questions: Why did this have to happen to me? How can I make it through this? Do I have what it takes to overcome this hardship? Those feelings come from busted relationships, failed finances, health challenges, career derailment, disillusionment, or the many other obstacles that we encounter as we navigate daily life. Endurance athletes know the power of the Second Wind. A magical reserve that springs from your core to carry you past where you had once believed you could go no further. A compelling force that allows you to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Second Wind deconstructs the tools used by the super-resilient and examines the decisions that they make. More importantly, the listener learns how to use these same tools and decisions to overcome the obstacles in their life.

  • Taking Control of Your Circumstances
  • Connecting with Others
  • Winning the Battle in Your Mind
  • Building Resilient Habits

Begin to conquer life’s challenges today! You can overcome more than you think you can. You can find your Second Wind.

Second Wind by J. Clint Schumacher
Narrator: Kevin Clay
Length: 4 hrs and 42 mins
Published by Self Published on May 10th 2021
Genres: Non-Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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