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Creature by Hunter Shea
Narrated by Lance C. Fuller
Flame Tree Audio
The monsters live inside of Kate Woodson. Chronic pain and a host of autoimmune diseases have robbed her of a normal, happy life. Her husband Andrew’s surprise of their dream Maine lake cottage for the summer is the gift of a lifetime. It’s beautiful, remote, idyllic, a place to heal.

But they are not alone. Something is in the woods, screeching in the darkness, banging on the house, leaving animals for dead. Just like her body, Kate’s cottage becomes her prison. She and Andrew must fight to survive the creature that lurks in the dead of night.

The Flame Tree Press fiction imprint from Flame Tree Publishing brings together brilliant new authors and the more established; the award winners and exciting, original voices.

Opus Adventure by Boyd Craven III
Narrated by Kevin Pierce
Boyd L Craven III
Rick, Tina, and their new family members embark on a journey with Annette to Miami, Florida, for a cruise where trouble was brewing. Once again, Rick, Tina, and their furry owners must use their preps and wits to survive the fury of more than a mere hurricane.

With first Tina and then Owen going missing, Rick and his canines must race to find them before it’s too late.

Zombie Island by Javan Bonds
Narrated by S.W. Salzman
If I Only Had A Monkey
Being the hero of a zombie apocalypse ain’t easy. People expect you to defeat lunatics, save survivors, and recover treasure when you would rather just make time with your girl. Mo Collins can’t avoid his scripted destiny; his personal oracle, Smokes, won’t let him. He can still bitch about it, though.

The crew of the replica pirate ship, the Viva Ancora, is growing, and the characters of this cast are fulfilling their roles toward destiny. As the group swells, the need to clear the town of the infected and secure Guntersville Island becomes paramount. Isolation from the world will protect them from the naked, blue, undead cannibals – or will it?

Something’s not right with these “zombies”; the script is verging into the unwritten. The more contact the team has with their predatory enemies, the less certain they are of their actions. Are they wiping out a plague…or murdering a new order?

Follow Mo and his crew as they try to skew fate and carve out their own society on an Alabama lake where the fish bite, the Zombies bite…and sometimes life bites. Welcome ashore, friend, to Zombie Island!

The Distance by Jeremy Robinson, Hilaree Robinson
Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer, Heather Costa
Breakneck Media
Their journey begins….

The human race has turned to dust. August Morrison faces it after rising from the depths of a dark matter research facility in Arizona. His co-workers. His daughter. All of them: dust. Friends and colleagues around the world don’t answer their phones. The city of Phoenix burns. He is alone. As a world without mankind starts to crumble, August fights not just for survival, but for his very sanity.

On the other side of the country, Poe McDowell watches her parents crumble into dust just moments after being shoved inside a coffin-like device that spares her from the same fate. She emerges to find not just her mother and father, but also her neighbors – her entire town’s human population – reduced to grit. Unlike August, she’s not entirely alone, but the life growing in her belly isn’t much company.

Then, hope. A drunken and desperate August broadcasts over the ham radio network and connects with his fellow survivor, Poe, alone and pregnant in a snow blanketed New Hampshire. Determined to reach her, August sets out on a cross-country trek. But the world is not as empty as it seems. Lights in the sky reveal that they are not alone. The human race’s demise was not natural – and the architects are searching for survivors.

…at the end.

Jeremy Robinson, whose stories have been compared to Michael Crichton, James Rollins, and Stephen King, is the international best-selling master of stories featuring mind-bending imagination, terrifying monsters and high-octane action. With The Distance, he is joined by his wife, Hilaree Robinson, whose passionate writing and characters make this novel a truly unique and exciting experience that will leave readers both enthralled and moved.

Signal by Tony Peak
Narrated by Natasha Soudek, Allyson Johnson, Raphael Corkhill, Fred Berman
Audible Studios
They were sent to investigate the first extraterrestrial signal. What they found was beyond anything they could have imagined – or feared.

On a voyage to a mysterious moon in the Alpha Centauri system, the UEA Centaurus meets with disaster. Only the quick thinking of the flight engineer, Rachel Terman, saves some of the crew. Crash-landing on the moon, trillions of kilometers from Earth, they struggle to carry out their mission and try to survive.

But nothing has prepared them for what they will face. False readings on sensors. Bizarre nightmares. Crew members vanishing.

Then, Rachel discovers a blue, glassy lake.

And everything changes.

If the signal abides – will humankind fall?

Signal is a full-cast production and the latest gripping science fiction thriller from rising star Tony Peak.

Signal is performed by Natasha Soudek with Allyson Johnson, Raphael Corkhill, and Fred Berman.

The Divide by Jeremy Robinson
Narrated by Christa Lewis
Breakneck Media
A wildly exciting journey through a world remade, The Divide combines real characters with horrifically realized creations, pitting the worst of human nature against the strength of family. Equal parts action, horror, and moving drama that only Jeremy Robinson can pull off.

When the divide is crossed…

No one remembers how the Divide was created. The miles-deep and miles-wide chasm has existed for hundreds of years, protecting what remains of humanity from the Golyat: a creature whose shadow moves across the horizon at sunset.

Davina, daughter of Jesse, is a shepherd. She spends her days guiding herds of deer through the forests of New Inglan, protecting them from predators, herding them away from the Divide, and ensuring the tribe of Essex has meat when needed. While many shepherds die in their first year – from the elements, from injury, or in the jaws of a wolf – Davina is resilient.

Having just slain a mountain lion, Davina returns to her village to discover a hunting party has been sent out in search of the Modernists, a group fascinated with the past, the technology that once filled the world, and what lies beyond the Divide. To keep the Modernists from reaching the Divide’s far side and revealing humanity’s presence to the Golyat, the hunters will torture and kill them all. Including Davina’s teenage son.

Davina strikes out, intending to ensure her son’s death will be quick and without torture. Reaching the island of Boston first, Davina confronts the Modernists and finds herself incapable of taking her son’s life. Captured by the enemies of Essex, she is transported across the Divide along with her son and the Modernists.

For the first time in 500 years, humanity steps foot on the Divide’s far side. Stranded with the enemy, Davina must fight to keep them all alive, herding people instead of deer, while uncovering the truth about humanity’s past and her connection to events that reshaped the world.

The Haunted Forest Tour by Jeff Strand, James A. Moore
Narrated by Joe Hempel
Tantor Audio
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Haunted Forest Tour! Sit back, and enjoy a smooth ride in air-conditioned comfort as your heavily armored tram takes you through nature’s most astonishing creation. The forest is packed to capacity with dangerous and terrifying creatures of all shapes, sizes, and hunger levels, and you’ll get to observe these wonders in complete safety.

Howl with a werewolf! Gaze into the glowing eyes of a giant spider! Look right through a spooky ghost! See horrific monsters you couldn’t even imagine, only inches away from you! Things with fangs, things with claws, things with dripping red jaws – you’ll see them all!

Not thrilling enough? Well, it’s Halloween, and so we’re offering a very special tour through the Haunted Forest. The new route goes deeper into the woods than any civilians have ventured before, and you’re guaranteed to get a good scare! Rest assured that every possible security precaution has been taken. The Haunted Forest Tour has a 100 percent safety record, and technical difficulties are unheard of. You will be in no danger whatsoever.

We promise.

Tear Me Apart by J. T. Ellison
Narrated by Eva Kaminsky, Rebekkah Ross, Jacques Roy, Caitlin Davies, Amy McFadden, Pete Simonelli
Harlequin Enterprises, Limited
The follow-up to her critically acclaimed Lie to Me, J. T. Ellison’s Tear Me Apart is the powerful story of a mother willing to do anything to protect her daughter even as their carefully constructed world unravels around them.

One moment will change their lives forever….

Competitive skier Mindy Wright is a superstar in the making until a spectacular downhill crash threatens not just her racing career but her life. During surgery, doctors discover she’s suffering from a severe form of leukemia, and a stem cell transplant is her only hope. But when her parents are tested, a frightening truth emerges. Mindy is not their daughter.

Who knows the answers?

The race to save Mindy’s life means unraveling years of lies. Was she accidentally switched at birth, or is there something more sinister at play? The search for the truth will tear a family apart…and someone is going to deadly extremes to protect the family’s deepest secrets.

With vivid movement through time, Tear Me Apart examines the impact layer after layer of lies and betrayal has on two families, the secrets they guard, and the desperate fight to hide the darkness within.

Hidden Agenda: A Dan Roy Thriller by Mick Bose
Narrated by John McLain
Tantor Audio
A terrifying global conspiracy is unfolding against America.

Dan Roy is an elite Black Ops solider. His life has been a never-ending spectrum of action. Now, his soul needs a break. He moves to London, looking to forgive and forget. But life has other plans for him.

An old face from the past pulls him back into a vicious plot that ranges from London to Afghanistan. Dan agrees to help, but he is betrayed. His only confidant dies mysteriously, and soon Dan and those close to him are chased by a force far greater than himself.

In a race against time to save the world from destruction, Dan Roy finds himself up against a terrifying terrorist attack. There is no one to help. Dan has to fight back, with his back to the wall. But failure is not an option….

Face Off by Brenda Novak
Narrated by Therese Plummer
Macmillan Audio
From New York Times best-selling author Brenda Novak comes Face Off, the next installment of Dr. Evelyn Talbot and her murderous home for psychopaths. She vowed never to be a victim again. But now a killer has her in his sight….

Tortured and left for dead at 16, Evelyn Talbot turned her personal nightmare into her life’s work – studying the disturbing psychopathy of some of the world’s most vicious serial killers. Now a leading psychiatrist at Hanover House in a small Alaskan town, she tries to believe the past will never come back to haunt her – until a woman goes missing from a cabin nearby, and every clue points to the man who once brutalized her….

As her boyfriend, who is the area’s only police, begins to investigate – and finds not one but two bodies – Evelyn can’t forget that her would-be killer, Jasper Moore, was never caught. But there are no new faces in tiny Hilltop, no one who seems suspicious or potentially violent. In this twisted game of cat and mouse, Evelyn is certain of only one thing – Jasper must be hiding in plain sight. And if she can’t find him before he comes for her, she won’t be lucky enough to survive twice….

“Novak is a master of suspense.” (RT Book Reviews)

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