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The Christmas Catch by Clare Lydon

The Christmas Catch by Clare Lydon
Narrated by Claire Storey
Custard Books

Check out my reviews of other titles written by Clare Lydon
Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Claire Storey

Two stranded travellers. One secret crush. Can they make it home without falling in love?

Thrown together when their plane conks out and a blizzard rolls in, Morgan Scott and her childhood friend Ali Bradford are on a mission to make it from Glasgow to Devon in time for Christmas.

The catch? Roads and trains are up the spout, Morgan’s patience is running low, and Ali has had a secret crush on Morgan since forever. But she can keep a lid on over two decades of unrequited love. Particularly when they keep having to share a bed. Absolutely no problem at all.

As Morgan and Ali inch south, they discover more about themselves and each other. This is one twisty road trip that takes them places they’ve never been before, and might just change their lives forever.

This holiday season, wrap yourself in the latest romantic comedy from the queen of British sapphic fiction, Clare Lydon. If you love riotous road trips, red-hot attraction, lashings of snow, plus all the festive feels, this is the book for you!

Along the Mystic River by Lise Gold

Along the Mystic River by Lise Gold
Narrated by Tessa Stavers
Self Published

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
Check out my reviews of other titles written by Lise Gold

Riley, a New York workaholic, has health issues that leave her no choice but to move to a small town to lead a calmer life. She hates the huge mansion she bought on a whim and stands out like a sore thumb in the cheery community of Mystic.

Quinn, a Mystic-based contractor, has once again missed out on purchasing the house her family built. After saving up for years, she’s still not able to buy back her childhood home that her grandfather lost years ago. When a beautiful and swanky city girl who has no respect for the house’s history buys it without even viewing it, Quinn decides she has no place in Mystic, yet she can’t seem to stay away….

Forgive Not Forget by Emily Banting

Forgive Not Forget by Emily Banting
Narrated by Lulu Russell
Tantor Audio

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
Check out my reviews of other titles written by Emily Banting
Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Lulu Russell

Join Anna and Katherine as Nunswick Abbey opens for the spring amidst building work, archaeological excavations, and vandalism.

When an old school friend returns to the village with her family, Anna begins to question her long-held vision of her future.

Old wounds are reopened for Katherine when she’s presented with an opportunity. Can Anna convince her to take it and finally confront her past head on?

With Anna dreaming of the future and Katherine consumed by the past, can they get on the same page and decide what life they want to build together?

Sleepwalking by Cara Malone

Sleepwalking by Cara Malone
Narrated by Charlie L Wood
Self Published

How many times have you walked past your soul mate before you noticed her?College senior Leah McAllister is quickly approaching a new chapter of her life, and she’s not ready for any of the things that come after graduation. The job market is grim, adult responsibility looms, and when her job writing for the school paper sends her to interview the magnetic Morgan, she even begins questioning her sexuality.

Morgan Park, a few years older and more worldly than Leah, seems to have it all–or at least she did, until her girlfriend started showing signs of bipolar disorder just as they decided to start a family together. Now her life is unraveling before her eyes, and she just needs something–or someone–to hold onto.

Life in a small town has been weaving Leah and Morgan slowly together, but their worlds collide in one intense meeting that leaves them each with a decision to make–follow their hearts to each other, or go their separate ways and keep sleepwalking through life.

Just Between Us by Madison Wright

Just Between Us by Madison Wright
Narrated by Eleanor McCormick, Kyle Burrow
Tantor Audio

$7.47 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

Ellie Bates is in big trouble.

When her parents, the owners of the apartment complex she manages, tell her she’s on her last strike, Ellie knows she can’t break any more rules or risk getting fired. She needs to tread very, very carefully or chance falling straight through this thin ice beneath her feet.

That’s easier said than done when Camden Lane moves into her complex and starts flipping her world upside down. But dating residents is off-limits and getting close to him is a rule she’s not willing to break.

Camden Lane can’t get Ellie out of his head.

He may be in town for work, but it’s Ellie that his focus keeps drifting toward. Between his impending departure date and her parent’s rules, he knows nothing can happen. Except, the more time they spend together, the harder and harder it gets to resist the pull they feel toward each other.

When the lines between them start to blur, Camden and Ellie have to decide where their priorities lie. Is what they have worth what’s at stake?

Frenemies with Benefits by Lydia Sharp

Frenemies with Benefits by Lydia Sharp
Narrated by Tina Wolstencroft
Tantor Audio

$7.47 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

A playful and sexy contemporary rom-com perfect for fans of The Kissing Booth and Tweet Cute by the author of The Night of Your Life.

If there was an award for Least Able To Function Around Cute Boys, Jess Webster would clean up. She can barely talk to a guy, let alone engage in naked things. But now that high school is over, Jess resolves to put her big-girl pants on and at last bang—sorry, bag—the longtime object of her desire, Andrew. All she needs is someone to practice on first.

Enter Benjamin Oliver. Jock hot, nerd hot (which is just greedy, really), star quarterback, and all-around pain in Jess’s ass. While Jess would rather nap on a nest of fire ants than be his girlfriend, there’s still something about him that sends a jolt through her stomach, making him her best (and only) candidate for her guy game glow-up.

With summer in full swing and not one but two cute boys on the horizon, Jess is pretty sure she’s on the winning side of the bargain. But can her deal with Benjamin stay purely business-with-pleasure? And the question that Jess soon can’t ignore: does she want it to?

A British Girl's Guide to Hurricanes and Heartbreak by Laura Taylor Namey

A British Girl’s Guide to Hurricanes and Heartbreak by Laura Taylor Namey
Narrated by Shiromi Arserio
Simon & Schuster Audio

In this highly anticipated companion to the New York Times bestseller and Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine Book Club YA Pick A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow, Flora Maxwell heads to Miami to find a path for her future…and finds her heart along the way.b>

Winchester, England, has always been home for Flora, but when her mother dies after a long illness, Flora feels untethered. Her family expects her to apply to university and take a larger role in their tea-shop business, but Flora isn’t so sure. More than ever, she’s the chaotic “hurricane” in her household, and she doesn’t always know how to manage her stormy emotions.

So she decides to escape to Miami without telling anyone—especially her longtime friend Gordon Wallace.

But Flora’s tropical change of scenery doesn’t cast away her self-doubt. When it comes to university, she has no idea which passions she should follow. That’s also true in romance. Flora’s summer abroad lands her in the flashbulb world of teen influencer Baz Marín, a Miami Cuban who shares her love for photography. But Flora’s more conflicted than ever when she begins to see future architect Gordon in a new light.

Laura Taylor Namey’s newest novel navigates heartbreak that feels like a hurricane in a city that is famous for them.

A Pretty Implausible Premise by Karen Rivers

A Pretty Implausible Premise by Karen Rivers
Narrated by Katie Schorr, Christian Barillas, Dan Bittner
Algonquin Young Readers

In this touching novel, Hattie and Presley’s instant connection seemed implausible—almost impossible—but falling in love is exactly what they needed to escape the ghosts of their pasts.

Head-spinning, Taylor-Swift-song-level feelings. Their instant connection seems implausible, even impossible, as they start to realize all they have in common. Both are grieving, living in worlds haunted by ghosts; both have a parent who’s out of sight, not out of mind; and both were forced to give up their Olympic dreams. Connected by experiences only they understand, Hattie and Presley fall into a whirlwind romance—flirting at their workplace, sleeping side by side beneath the stars, ice skating to a playlist all their own. But like the wildfires surrounding their California town, the trauma that haunts them is unrelenting. Can they overcome their losses without losing each other? Or will their ghosts break them apart?

Perfect for fans of Nicola Yoon and Rachel Lynn Solomon, A Pretty Implausible Premise explores the power of a love beyond comprehension, and how seemingly implausible connections can be the ones we need the most.

A Kiss Doesn’t Lie by Robin Alexander

A Kiss Doesn’t Lie by Robin Alexander
Narrated by Abby Craden
Tantor Audio

$7.47 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
Check out my reviews of other titles written by Robin Alexander
Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Abby Craden

Jodi Grant had plans—a job interview that held promise and a date with a real woman who didn’t only exist in her mind. What she had not planned on was a trip . . . at gunpoint when her father dropped a bombshell in her lap . . . at his own funeral.

Dr. Blair Whittington went to Peru in search of ancient artifacts. What she discovered was the illegal antiquities trade in which she had unwittingly become embroiled. Betrayed by Nicolas Grant, Blair must rely on his estranged daughter, the key to her freedom.

Trapped in Peru, playing a game that neither woman ever dreamed she’d play leads them to discover the most ancient artifact of all-love.

In Deep by Sharon Ward

In Deep by Sharon Ward
Narrated by Sarah Beth Goer
Self Published

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

Fin Fleming is always in control when she’s scuba diving in her home base of the Cayman Islands. But when she’s on land, not so much.

She has problems in every part of her life, from her scheming past lover to her new stepsiblings and her career as chief underwater photographer at an oceanographic institute. She’s got very few friends and no love life to speak of. But her troubles really escalate the day of the first accident….

The crimes intensify, culminating in a dark and unexpected death while diving. It looks like an accident, but Fin quickly realizes it was a near-perfect murder. She must bring the ruthless killer to justice before she’s the next one to end up dead.

Filled with mystery, romance, family, and lots of scuba diving, this unputdownable first entry in the series will leave you wanting more.

Love, Holly by Emily Stone

Love, Holly by Emily Stone
Narrated by Heather Long
Random House Audio

A young woman tries to heal a rift in her elderly pen pal’s family in time for Christmas, all while falling in love—and maybe even reuniting with her own family—in this dazzling romance from the author of Always, in December and One Last Gift

Sometimes it takes a stranger to bring you back to yourself.

Ever since a car accident tore her family apart, Holly has been part of a lonely-hearts holiday letter-writing club. Each December, she writes to a stranger who is also spending Christmas alone, and receives a letter from another lonely person in return.

Usually, the letters go unanswered. That’s the point—the letters are anonymous, and the senders write whatever is in their heart. But this year, the letter Holly receives is different; not only is the letter full of a grief she knows all too well, but its writer, Emma, mentions a place that Holly has visited. When she realizes that she might actually be able to find the letter’s author, Holly becomes determined to reunite Emma with the estranged grandson, Jack, with whom Emma is desperate to reconnect.

When Holly finally tracks him down, she remembers that she’s met Jack once before . . . and the connection was electric. The spark between the two of them is still there—until a misunderstanding risks their burgeoning romance and his strained relationship with Emma, too. But Holly is determined; if she can fix Emma’s family, she might also be able to fix her own. Though as it turns out, Holly might have less time to put things right than she thought.

Creature Feature by Joe Hill, Grady Hendrix, Josh Malerman, Paul Tremblay, Jason Mott, Chandler Baker

Creature Feature by Joe Hill, Grady Hendrix, Josh Malerman, Paul Tremblay, Jason Mott, Chandler Baker
Narrated by Robert Petkoff, Michael Crouch, Lauren Ezzo, A. T. Chandler, Dara Rosenberg, Cary Hite, Christina Traister
Brilliance Audio

Gather round as today’s most diabolically clever authors twist simple moments into otherworldly horrors. An empty baby stroller. A scratching underneath the bed. A farmhouse in the moonlight. With an unnerving sense of the macabre, these stories transform our greatest fears into bone-chilling realities.

The Pram by Joe Hill

A husband’s obsessive desire for a child leads to an unexpected manifestation of his yearning in a nightmarish short story about fatherhood dreams by New York Times bestselling author Joe Hill.

Ankle Snatcher by Grady Hendrix

Obey the rules. It’s the only way to survive the night in a short story about what hides in the dark by the New York Times bestselling author of The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires.

It Waits in the Woods by Josh Malerman

Some chilling campfire tales ring too true to ignore. For one young woman, an urban legend calls her into the woods in a spine-tingling short story by the bestselling author of Bird Box.

In Bloom by Paul Tremblay

There’s something in the water in this hallucinatory short story by Paul Tremblay, bestselling author of The Cabin at the End of the World and The Beast You Are.

Best of Luck by Jason Mott

Did you ever hear the one about the man with a string of bad luck? The worst is still to come in a chilling short story of an insatiable friendship by the New York Times bestselling author of Hell of a Book.

Big Bad by Chandler Baker

For a family trying to make an isolated farmhouse into a home, fear and rage are getting harder to control in a primal short story by the New York Times bestselling author of Whisper Network and Cutting Teeth.

The Mad Mick Box Set Volume 1 by Franklin Horton

The Mad Mick Box Set Volume 1 by Franklin Horton
Narrated by Kevin Pierce
Self Published

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Kevin Pierce

Consistently hitting the top of the charts in post-apocalyptic fiction and military thrillers, The Mad Mick series has garnered thousands of reviews from listeners who can’t get enough of this character. He’s the guy you want on your side in a fight. He’s the friend who can make you laugh until you cry. He’s the last man on Earth you want to cross.

This omnibus edition contains the first three books in the series:

“The Mad Mick”.
“Masters of Mayhem”.
“Brutal Business”.

For a hardened assassin and his snarky daughter, navigating the apocalypse is little more than business as usual. They have food, weapons, top-notch gear, and connections in the darkest holes of the special operations community. Just don’t cross them, because hell hath no fury like the Maguires.

Conor Maguire nearly lost his daughter when she was three years old, injured by the drunk driver who killed his wife. When the justice system failed him, Conor retaliated against the driver in dramatic and gruesome fashion.

An ironclad alibi prevented the police from pinning the murder on Conor. His actions didn’t go unnoticed though. A covert agency within the US government recruited the talented young bomber and machinist. For over 25 years, Conor designed and built custom weapons of death and destruction at his secluded compound in the mountains of Virginia.

When a series of devastating terror attacks brought down the United States, Conor and Barb assumed they were safe in their compound. They had everything they needed. They were armed and highly trained. But then, Barb was kidnapped.

The kidnappers didn’t know why Conor was known as The Mad Mick. They didn’t know the fear and respect his name invoked in the shadowy underworld of covert operations. They didn’t know that when it came to protecting his family, he was without conscience, without compassion, and without equal.

But they would soon find out.


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