Set the Record Straight Hannah Bonam-Young

So Cute!

5 out of 5 stars

This was such a cute and needed pick-me-up. It’s not that things have been bad on my end, but sometimes you just need a short and cute book to brighten the mood. Set the Record Straight did that for me.

I’ve had this one sitting in my TBR for a little bit and I knew that I had to read it before all of the Christmas spirit was gone (I know it’s a Holiday Novella, not a Christmas one specifically, but still). I usually pick a few holiday books around Christmas and enjoy them – this one may be one of the best I’ve picked up for that reason.

Bonam-Young did a wonderful job writing believable characters that jumped off of the page. Each interaction between Clara and Evan was so cute and you could tell it would build to something adorable quickly.

Overall, Set the Record Straight was such a cute and enjoyable novella. One that I’m glad that I picked up and one that kept a smile on my face throughout it. The healing done within this could warm the Grinch’s heart.

Also, you know I love Lori Prince, her narration, coupled with Jenn Lee’s was excellent really making this novella stand out. Prince can nail the way that Clara would have been, acted, and reacted and added that little bit of “extra” to each interaction. And Lee did the same for her character – allowing both of them to really shine.

Book Description:

Set the Record Straight Hannah Bonam-Young

Kindle edition currently available for free with Kindle Unlimited

The day Clara started her new (dream) job as an assistant to her photography idol, she was met with an assumption that caught her off guard and stunned her silent. Suddenly, she has to bring a girlfriend to the gallery’s opening in a few weeks—all because she choked up and failed to correct her boss that she is, in fact, straight.

Evan was recently dumped by her fellow teacher fiancee for a mutual coworker and is still trying to figure out where it all went wrong. So when she gets the news the happy new couple will be hosting the staff’s holiday party—she feels utterly horrified by her single status and looks for a quick solution.

Together, these two lifelong friends make a plan to get through the gallery opening and holiday party by pretending to date one another. Easy . . . right?

That is until Clara starts developing real feelings for Evan, shocking herself. All the while Evan realizes that perhaps pretending to date your straight best friend, who you’ve had a crush on for half your life—isn’t the best idea.

Set the Record Straight by Hannah Bonam-Young
Narrator: Lori Prince, Jenn Lee
Length: 4 hrs and 32 mins
Published by Tantor Audio on July 25th 2023
Genres: Friends to Lovers, LesFic/Sapphic Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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