Sons of War 3: Sinners

Sons of War 3: Sinners

Pedal-to-the-Metal Action

5 out of 5 stars

Sinners is the third book in The Sons of War series, and definitely starts off with a bang. We’re thrown into the drama instantly and Smith doesn’t pull his foot from the accelerator for the rest of the book. It’s weird to describe a book that starts off with a bang as also being a “slow starter” but, the way that this book was written was high intensity right from the beginning but it ratchets up throughout the rest of the book.

Smith is able to write a story that if you ignore the settings is a mob tale. And if you ignore the mafias is a post-apocalyptic tale. But when you throw them together like this, it doesn’t feel like it would work, but wow does it. The two main families are at war while also trying to provide for the families under their protection. Think of it as the typical group you find in any typical post-apocalyptic book but ratcheted up to 11.

Sinners really shines a light on Smith’s ability to create extremely dynamic characters. Each character in this has good and bad, it just depends on which side you stand on if they are actually “good” or “bad”. Each family has a unique way of dealing with problems and specific people and it really shines in this one. Throw in the different side stories and this is one of the most unique apocalyptic series I’ve read in a long time.

Of course, a great audiobook isn’t complete without great narration. And Ray Porter crushes this one out of the park. He is simply put, the best narrator for this series, full stop. I can’t imagine any one else narrating this story and I’m glad that they’ve been together for all three books (so far).

I’m not always a fan of ongoing series, sometimes I feel like you need a little closure – but this one still has gas left in the tank. I think a SoW 4 is not only wanted, it’s needed. I can’t wait to see what happens to the characters and families as this series continues to grow and mature.

Book Description:

Sons of War 3: Sinners

To fight evil, you must embrace evil.

The motto of Marine Sergeant Ronaldo Salvatore lives on in his son, Dominic, and his undercover team known as the Saints. With the support of LAPD Captain Zed Marks, the Saints embark on a mission to destroy the criminal organizations that have a stranglehold on Los Angeles.

Through brains, cunning, and sheer ruthlessness, the most powerful leader, Don Antonio Moretti, has risen from underdog to contender for the throne. He believes that only the Vega family of narcos stands in his way, but he has underestimated another underdog.

As the Morettis and Vegas slug it out, the Saints go outside the law to deliver the City of Angels from evil. In this three-way death match, the streets will run with blood before a victor ever emerges.

Sons of War 3: Sinners by Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Narrator: Ray Porter
Length: 12 hrs and 39 mins
Series: The Sons of War #3
Published by Blackstone Audio on February 16th 2021
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic
Format: Audiobook
Buy from Audible
Also by this author: Extinction Horizon, Extinction Edge, The Extinction Cycle, Extinction Age
Also in this series: Sons of War, Sons of War 2: Saints


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