What Would You Do With No Sleep

5 out of 5 stars

To start off, I need to admit that I did not read World War Z, the book that this is considered to be similar to (an oral history of an apocalypse).  I’m not sure if I had if it would change my review of Sleep Over or not.  With that being said, I loved the heck out of this book. Ironically, I found myself staying up later into the night to finish one more chapter.

Sleep Over follows the premise of what if everyone (and I mean everyone) stopped sleeping at the same time.  They don’t know what caused it, but no one could fall asleep.  They didn’t know if they were ever going to get a good nights rest again or even a cat nap.

The premise of this felt really unique and different to me.  No zombies or flesh-eating virus.  Just everyone stops sleeping.  The absolute havoc that this would cause around the world would be almost unimaginable.  The first few days would be okay since some people were used to pulling an all-nighter for college or a business deadline, but after 3 days or a week without sleep, can you imagine how messed up your brain would be?

The characters were all over the place from different backgrounds and lived all over the world. I loved that it would jump from someone in the US to someone in Ireland and then go somewhere else.  It really showed how this affected every single person in the world.

Without giving too much away, I really liked the ending of this.  I felt like it could have been rushed, but it had the right “feel” to it.  Bells was able to describe what changed and… well, I can’t say much more without ruining the book.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to end, but I was happy with it.

The narration provided by a group of awesome narrators made this book for me.  I don’t know how much I would have liked it had I read it, but hearing the different accents and the different nuances for each person really took this from good to great.

Overall, Sleep Over is an early contender for one of the best books of 2018.  I won’t be forgetting this one anytime soon. Let’s just say the next time I’m up past 2am, I’m going to listen to my body. Since I never know when I’ll get a chance to sleep again.

Book Description:

Audiobook: Sleep Over (An Oral History of the Apocalypse) by H. G. Bells (Narrated by Various Artists)five-stars
Sleep Over by H. G. Bells
Narrator: Adenrele Ojo, Alana Kerr Collins, Justine Eyre, P.J. Ochlan, Saskia Maarleveld, Tim Campbell
Length: 9 hrs and 28 mins
Published by Brilliance Audio on January 16th 2018
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic
Pages: 376
Format: Audiobook
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For fans of the oral history genre phenomenon World War Z, a worldwide plague of insomnia creates a devastating new apocalypse.

Remember what it's like to last an entire night without sleep? That dull but constant headache. The feeling of your brain on edge. How easily irritated you were. How difficult it was to concentrate, even on seemingly menial tasks. It was just a single restless night, but everything felt just a little bit harder to do, and the only real comfort was knowing your head would finally hit the pillow at the end of the day, and when you awoke the next morning everything would return to normal.

But what if sleep didn't come the next night? Or the night after? What might happen if you, your friends and family, your coworkers, the strangers you pass on the street, all slowly began to realize that rest might not ever come again?

How slowly might the world fall apart? How long would it take for a society without sleep to descend into chaos?

Sleep Over is collection of waking nightmares, a scrapbook of the haunting and poignant stories from those trapped in a world where the pillars of society are crumbling, and madness is slowly descending on a planet without rest.

Online vigilantism turns social media into a deadly gamble.

A freelance journalist grapples with the ethics of turning in footage of mass suicide.

A kidnapped hypnotist is held hostage by those at wit's end for a cure.

In Sleep Over, these stories are just the beginning. Before the Longest Day, the world record was eleven days without sleep. It turns out most of us can go much longer.

Full cast of narrators includes Neil Shah, Susan Ericksen, Prentice Onayemi, Andrea Emmes, and Braden Wright.

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

About the Author:

H. G. Bells grew up in Gibsons, on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada. She loves the West Coast, and currently lives in Vancouver. Sleep Over is her first novel.


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