Solomon's Well Audiobook Cover

Solomon's Well Audiobook Cover

An Excellent Tropical Adventure

4.5 out of 5 stars

Jumping into AJ Bailey Adventure book five was a breeze (maybe a… tropical breeze?) But, honestly, Harvey made it easy to jump in and just enjoy the book. And honestly, it felt like I read two books, not just one. The story bounces around between the present day and a historical point of view. It was awesome to hear both sides of the story (where it came from vs where it was now).

When the book would go back to the past it was to Solomon and what life was like as a slave during that time (and raising a child in that culture). When we jumped to the present we had AJ dealing with people and her own personal issues along with helping a “friend” retrieve a priceless relic – while also dealing with poachers and other things that the job runs into.

Solomon’s Well was one of those books that just breezed by. Harvey’s writing style really shined here and each character felt like they were there for a reason. And each situation the characters were thrown into felt like it had a purpose to the full story arc.

Add in the excellent narration by Kim Bretton and this was a book (and a series) that I’ve come to love. AJ is such an interesting and funny character. And the people she surrounds herself with (purposefully or the ones that cling to her) were all great supporting characters. Bretton did a great job voicing the characters and performing this story without overdoing it and it really showed the time and energy she put into it.

Overall, Solomon’s Well was a fun read that jumped back and forth, all-the-while, keeping my attention and making me want to know what happens next

Book Description:

Solomon's Well Audiobook Cover

No good deed goes unpunished. This favor may turn fatal.

Grand Cayman. AJ Bailey’s entire life revolves around diving. So despite her friend’s troublesome reputation, she willingly agrees to help recover a precious artifact lost for centuries. But the dangerous underwater caves may be the least of her problems.

As the treasure slowly reveals its checkered 18th-century plantation history and a slaving family’s tragic battle, AJ realizes she could be heading into murky waters. And not only is the desirable relic proving hard to locate, they’re both racing against time to stay one step ahead of her buddy’s shady investor…

Can AJ recover the priceless object before their world comes crashing down?

Solomon’s Well is the fifth book in the pause-resisting AJ Bailey Adventure Caribbean suspense series. If you like determined heroines, blue-water action, and intriguing historical mysteries, then you’ll love Nicholas Harvey’s edge-of-your-seat tale.

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Solomon's Well by Nicholas Harvey
Narrator: Kim Bretton
Length: 7 hrs and 8 mins
Series: AJ Bailey #5
Published by Self Published on February 22nd 2022
Genres: Sea Adventure
Format: Audiobook
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