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Quinn Ivins’ Something’s Different is a remarkable sapphic romance that stands out to me due to its unique twist involving the usage of a “switch” between identical twins. Sure, we’ve all seen the cheesy movies with this plot but in this… it really worked. With a thawing ice queen and palpable chemistry between Caitlin and Ruth, this book delivers an engaging and captivating love story that kept me hooked from start to finish.

Sure, the “switch” existed, but Ivins went so much deeper. The exploration of the dynamic between the two sisters brings a fascinating twist to the narrative, offering readers a fresh and original take on love and identity. I won’t go too much into it, but I found it very rewarding to get to the bottom of both of their backgrounds and what made them who they are today.

The evolution of the ice queen lead character is one of the most captivating elements of the story. Ivins skillfully builds up the tension and creates a sense of anticipation, leading to one of the most tantalizing “will they?” moments in recent memory. The gradual melting of the ice queen’s barriers allows readers to witness a transformative journey filled with emotional depth and vulnerability while also maintaining her iciness when and where needed (basically to anyone but her closest inner circle).

Caitlin and Ruth’s chemistry is undeniable and electrifying. Ivins has crafted a love story that resonates with authenticity, drawing readers into a world where passion and connection radiate from the pages. From their initial encounter, the author maintains a palpable intensity between the two characters, making it nearly impossible for readers not to root for their hopeful union. The unwavering sense that Caitlin and Ruth are destined to be together creates a magnetic pull that keeps the narrative tension alive throughout the story.

The academic setting and the backdrop of “failing” by not securing a teaching job offer a refreshing and realistic perspective. Ivins accurately portrays the competitive and cutthroat nature of academia, shedding light on the challenges and complexities faced by those pursuing careers in this field.

Overall, Something’s Different is an exceptional sapphic romance that breaks new ground with its unique premise and well-crafted characters. Quinn Ivins has masterfully woven a tale of love, self-discovery, and personal growth, delivering a story that will captivate readers with its heartfelt moments and unyielding passion. From the intense chemistry between the protagonists to the authentic portrayal of the academic world. Combined with an excellent performance by Anastasia Watley and you’ve got a real winner in Something’s Different.

Book Description:

An ice queen boss knows there’s something different about her assistant, but she can’t put her finger on it. A fun twin-switch lesbian office romance.

Unemployed academic Caitlyn Taylor comes home to family drama. Her carefree twin Chloe plans to ditch her job to visit a guy she met online. Caitlyn steps in to impersonate Chloe so she won’t get fired for skipping town. Unfortunately, this means answering phones for an icy, dismissive boss.

Busy college president Ruth Holloway never paid much attention to her mediocre assistant. Suddenly, “Chloe” demonstrates insight into faculty politics and a baffling talent for analytics. And since when has she been so attractive?

Caitlyn dreams of getting closer to her sister’s boss but how can she? Everything they’ve shared has been based on a lie.

Something's Different by Quinn Ivins
Narrator: Anastasia Watley
Length: 11 hrs and 19 mins
Published by Tantor Audio on March 28th 2023
Genres: Age Gap, Ice Queen, Workplace / Office Romance
Format: Audiobook
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