A bizarre short story

3.75 out of 5 stars

The premise of The Station really boggled my mind.  But even if I can take the premise in stride, this was a WEIRD book.  I think that J.M. Scott was going for that, but wow, I was not prepared for this kind of story so early in the morning.

The Station was well written and paced nicely for being such a short story.  Usually, short stories feel like they are missing something.  The only thing missing from this was a little better understanding of what actually happened at the end.  But, then again, I think that Scott was attempting to leave the reader feeling confused and a little bizarre.

Overall, The Station was a bizarre short story.  At around 15 pages — it will only take you a couple minutes to read and react to this interesting story.  I think that old-school 80’s noir-horror fans would get a big kick out of this!



Cleo McVickers is the new DJ at radio station KROC. His past indiscretions are about to catch up with him when he discovers that something is not quite right within the hallowed halls of the old broadcasting center. Will he survive his first shift or will the station get its revenge when Cleo discovers the truth behind the strange signals that have been interrupting his broadcasts? This horror/thriller will keep the reader turning pages until the dark secret behind radio station KROC is unearthed and brought into the light.


J.M Scott is a full-time high school English teacher and college professor. He has published short stories with Penumbra Magazine, Dark Corners, Horrified Press, The WiFiles, Miskatonic Press, Third Flatiron Publishing and Grinning Skull Press. His short story The Spirit is listed on Tangent Online as a recommended read for 2013. He holds degrees in film, criminal justice, and liberal studies from San Francisco State University and a master’s in Education.

But that’s just some formal stuff. He enjoys a plethora of other activities like running tactical shooting courses, and learning German. He competes regularly in the USPSA and GSSF. He loves writing, well maybe not as much as a tour of the Napa wineries, but it’s still up there on his list of things to do. He’s a water fan, Scuba diving in Monterey, California holds a special place in his heart, and he wishes he had all the time in the world to study every martial art under the sun. His students are wonderful people, and he wouldn’t trade his interaction with them for the world. He’ll keep writing, so he hopes you’ll keep reading.


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