Better Than Sherlock Holmes!

4 out of 5 stars

Set in Victorian London Colin Edmonds, author, entertains his listeners with a unique, entertaining and fast-paced steampunk mystery. A Music Hall Hypnotists escapes from the Asylum leaving behind, written in blood, one word – Magister. Unable to solve the killing spree or capture the escaped woman, Scotland Yard’s Special Branch brings in master illusionist Michael Magister and his side-kick. Together they try to see through the Steam, Smoke & Mirrors to solve the case and save themselves!

Edmonds does a magnificent job of providing detailed imagery and creating a dialog that flows smoothly as well as providing depth to the story and characters. Just when you think you know something, Edmonds throws in a twist, then a sharp turn leaving the listener stunned.

The narrator, Karl Jenkinson, performs the book expertly. His voice is smooth and flexible providing calmness or excitement at the drop of a hat. I cannot imagine anyone else narrating this exciting book.

Overall a book I enjoyed and I would highly recommend this book to those who have a passion for mystery and especially for those who enjoy the steampunk genre.

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