I Smiled, I Laughed, I Cried, Then I Laughed Again

5 out of 5 stars

The Striker series holds a special place in my heart. From the very first book, I felt like this series was something different. And when I say different, I mean it in the best possible way. Josh Vidmar can bring to light these great and wonderful characters, give them superpowers, but somehow keep them humble and keep them human. I think that the collection of stories in Each Moving Piece is a testament to that feeling I have.

I actually forgot that these were different short stories as I started this book. Vidmar could just lull me into a state of enjoying the book, and it flowed. Usually, changing from one perspective to another or one story to another is jarring and will take me out of a book. But for some reason, the author (and to their credit) the narrators really helped turn this collection of stories into a cohesive piece (even if that wasn’t Vidmar’s exact want).

These are stories that I find hard to explain or write about in a review because there are so many potential spoilers that I don’t want to give for the stories. Just know that you’re going to laugh, probably more than in a normal book, and you’ll likely cry. Now, sometimes they are happy tears, and something not so much. But Vidmar can bring the full range of emotions into the Striker books and especially Each Moving Piece.

Overall, as I mentioned above – this collection of stories was great. The performance of them by the three narrators was spot-on perfection. I couldn’t have cast the performers better myself. Each one became the character they were portraying, making these stories better (and they were already darn good).

Book Description:

Four more original novellas! The world may actually be ending this time. Amid a vampire breakout, some heroes find themselves overworked and working during all hours of the day. Others, like the illustrious Striker, are limited to daylight only.

The Time Traveler’s Guide to the Multiverse
What would you give if you could go back in time to change one moment in your life? For Mike Brodsky, time travel’s just part of his day-to-day. He quickly finds that not everyone in his family has the same restraint as him when offered a window into the past.

A Girl Called No One

Russia is trying to create super-powerful vampires using space debris. Now under the steady employ of Colonel Ray, the immemorable Ivy is here to help put an end to that program…for a nominal fee, of course.

Know Thyself

A group of cadets has gone missing, sparking a frantic search. When Allie Gunter takes on the mission, all signs point to an impossible foe, one she thought she’d never see again.

Trial of the Sorceress
Since it began, Julia Cromwell has been at the front lines of the vampire fiasco. When the sickness takes her daughter, she must find a way to end the outbreak soon. To do so, she will have to push her fledgling magical powers to the limits.

Striker V: Each Moving Piece by Josh Vidmar
Narrator: Patrick Boylan, Adrianna Gentile, Melinda Beck
Length: 13 hrs and 50 mins
Series: Striker #4
Genres: Fantasy, Superhero
Format: Audiobook
Also by this author: Striker V, Striker V: In the Meantime, Striker V: In Memory
Also in this series: Striker V, Striker V: In the Meantime, Striker V: In Memory

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