In Memory Audiobook Cover

In Memory Audiobook Cover

Just Fantastic

5 out of 5 stars

This series is so enjoyable from the opening pages to the finish. Each book I’ve read so far has just absolutely jumped off of the page and honestly, Vidmar’s writing is getting better and better. I think that comes with book three we really know who these characters are and instead of telling us who they are, Vidmar is able to just focus on the story. Along with giving us an even more in-depth look at who each person is and what makes them tick.

I was reminded in the very beginning of In Memory of just how much of a burden being a Super is. Striker has a life and his husband Evan and he just wants to live a normal “happily ever after” but even mundane things like grocery shopping can strike up new threats or new issues. The memory aspect of this one… wow, just wow. Vidmar was able to include some graphic and interesting things in here under the guise of memories – but yeah… there were some dark parts of it.

But I mention that because it just helped me see who these characters were and what their complex back stories were without spending multiple books going through it like therapy sessions.

In Memory (also a GREAT title), as I said above, might be the best book in this series. Vidmar really hit his stride here. He was able to write these intense scenes with lots of great fighting, dialogue, and over-the-top humor. Mixing these together into the Striker V books, this one especially.

And once I add in the performance by Patrick Boylan and it was such a great story from beginning to end. Performed perfectly by Boylan. I actually felt like Boylan was just retelling things that happened to him, not reading a story to me.

Book Description:

In Memory Audiobook Cover

Memory is a funny thing. Chances are that you can’t recall what you had for lunch two days ago, but can remember with startling clarity that super embarrassing incident from high school. You know the one.

Having been a superhero all his life, Neil Harris, the illustrious Striker, does not remember every fight and battle. When the strange, dangerous, and unexpected is routine, it all blends together. Then one incident leaves him unable to remember anything about it at all.

For Neil’s husband, Evan Hill, the past is something he actively tries to forget. Decades after escaping his abusive childhood home, that past calls to him, demanding his attention one last time.

As their lives twist and turn in a chaotic moment, one question presents itself for our heroes: How do you want to be remembered?”

Striker V: In Memory by Josh Vidmar
Narrator: Patrick Boylan
Length: 11 hrs and 6 mins
Series: Striker #3
Published by Self Published on March 17th 2022
Genres: Fantasy
Format: Audiobook
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Also by this author: Striker V, Striker V: In the Meantime, Striker V: Each Moving Piece
Also in this series: Striker V, Striker V: In the Meantime, Striker V: Each Moving Piece

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