A Riveting Journey into Silence’s Past

5 out of 5 stars

Tell No Tales, the twelfth installment in Erik Carter’s gripping Silence Jones series, took me on an unforgettable ride. From the first moment Silence returns to his hometown, I was hooked, and Gary Bennett’s masterful narration only deepened my immersion. If you’ve followed the series as I have, you’ll know that each book reveals new layers of Silence’s character, but this one dives deeper into his past than ever before, making for a truly compelling listen.

In this book, we see Silence Jones grappling with the murder of an old friend, thrusting him into the shadowy underworld of a seemingly tranquil small city. This plot feels especially personal, exploring not just a dangerous conspiracy but also the formative roots of Silence’s journey. The narrative is a perfect blend of heart-pounding action and emotional depth, showcasing Carter’s knack for storytelling. It’s clear that Carter is giving fans a “love letter” to Silence, providing glimpses into his past and shaping his present with intricate details and heartfelt moments. Not just of his past, but his present too – but I won’t spoil that specific detail).

Gary Bennett, who has been the voice of Silence throughout the series, delivers another stellar performance. His ability to embody Silence’s steely resolve, nuanced emotions, and gravelly/broken brings the character to life in a way that few narrators can achieve. Bennett’s narration keeps the pace brisk and the tension high, making it difficult to pause even for a moment. This audiobook flew by for me, and I found myself completely enthralled by its intimate and explosive revelations.

Tell No Tales not only satisfies long-time fans of the series but also stands strong as a riveting standalone thriller. The combination of Carter’s engaging writing and Bennett’s dynamic narration makes this book an absolute must-listen. I devoured it in just two days and am eagerly anticipating where Silence’s journey will take us next. Whether you’re new to the series or a devoted follower, this audiobook is sure to captivate and entertain.

Book Description:


When vigilante assassin Silence Jones hears of an old friend’s death in his long-forgotten hometown, he expects to pay his respects and leave. But a dark truth lurks beneath the surface: his friend didn’t just die—he was murdered.

Returning to streets he barely remembers, Silence is thrust into a shadowy world festering within a seemingly tranquil small city. His friend, it seems, had unearthed a secret too dangerous to know—a widespread network of corruption with far-reaching implications for both U.S. and international security.

To unravel the web of conspiracy and avenge the murder, Silence will have to retrace the footsteps of an ally who’d long ago become a stranger, clashing with both a ruthless enemy and the reality that in this game, the stakes aren’t just personal—they’re global.

The next standalone action thriller in the pulse-pounding series. Enter the world of Silence Jones. Hold on tight…

If you like action heroes with the steely resolve of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, the calculating will of Gregg Hurwitz’s Orphan X, and the raw power of Mark Greaney’s Gray Man, then you’ll love Silence Jones.

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Tell No Tales by Erik Carter
Narrator: Gary Bennett
Length: 6 hrs and 56 mins
Series: Silence Jones #12
Published by Self Published on May 22nd 2024
Genres: Thriller
Format: Audiobook
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Also by this author: Deadly Silence (Silence Jones #0.5), The Suppressor, Hush Hush, Tight-Lipped
Also in this series: Deadly Silence (Silence Jones #0.5), The Suppressor, Hush Hush, Tight-Lipped

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