The greatest satisfaction for a Prepper is to be proven right… but it always comes at a cost.

4 out of 5 stars

A large EMP or EMP-like device has been detonated over North American.  People are awoken by nothing, no sound, nothing is on or working.  The phones are down (both cell phones and land lines).  Cars just shut off, electricity is out.  Nothing works… what follows is a tale of survival and overcoming the odds to survive in this new post-apocalyptic world.

The narration for this was done by Joseph Morton.  Now, I swear I’ve listened to an audiobook with Joseph before.  His voice sounds so familiar and was really perfect for most of this book.  It did switch to a young girl and his voicing of her wasn’t really much different and could have been done slightly better if it was either done by a female or just done in a better “male doing a female” voice.

My only complaint about the audio version of this (and it would bother me if I was reading it too) is that when the story changes scenery from one city to another — in the audio version, it’s just like a half sentence, no pause, no breath, or anything.  This could have been easily fixed by making each scene change a new chapter.  I know I love a book with quick short chapters.  I feel like I’m getting something done when I’m reading it when I fly through chapters.  It made for a few times of confusion where I was trying to figure out who was talking or why it felt different.

This book was different, even some of the characters in it were commenting on how it was different than they had expected.  Both in how the people react and how it isn’t a book about zombies.  I like the Prepper aspect, and I think Vance does a great job explaining how most (if not all) Preppers are looked at as crazy… until something catastrophic happens.

The way the book was laid out was a bit confusing to me as a reader/listener, but it was still an intriguing story.

The different characters do a really good job of showing just how different each person would see this new world they were exposed to.

This is definitely a “set-up” type of a book.  Not too much happens other than the characters realizing what has gone down and figuring out how to survive in this new society.  The rest of the story will be in the others books in the series.  For this reason alone, it drops a whole star for me.  Just the lack of a “finish” so-to-say.

Book Description:

When the lights go out, can you survive?

For years, a few have warned that a day of reckoning was coming, but those warnings went unheeded and even mocked. Then that day came…

When Nicholas McNeil, a father and dedicated husband, turned out the lights in his suburban home Sunday night, they would never turn on again. During the early Monday morning hours, a spectacular and well-coordinated attack destroys the grid and brings the United States to its knees.

Nicholas was a man who had heeded the warnings to a degree, but most did not. With a society unprepared and a government overwhelmed, panic turns to chaos and soon violence.

Fighting for what resources are still available, Nicholas and his family also find themselves fighting to survive as society turns on itself.

The Defiant: Grid Down by John W. Vance
Narrator: Joseph Morton
Length: 6 hrs and 15 mins
Series: The Defiant #1
Published by Self Published on March 4, 2015
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Prepper
Format: Audiobook
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