A fresh and emotional enemies-to-lovers story with a Highland dance twist

5 out of 5 stars

Katia Rose’s The Devil Wears Tartan is a sapphic romance novel that will captivate readers with its charming characters and unique storyline. Moira and Kenzie are two well-crafted main characters that each have their own set of issues and obstacles to overcome.

As the story progresses, readers will be drawn into their journey of self-discovery and growth, cheering them on as they face challenges apart and, later, together. Both Moira and Kenzie are genuine and deserving of happiness, and their undeniable chemistry (and reading as they started to discover said chemistry) further adds to their appeal.

What sets this novel apart is its refreshingly original plot, which centers around two rival Highland dance studios and their top dancers-turned-coaches. The intense competition and rivalry between the studios provide the perfect backdrop for the story to unfold, while the dance and cultural elements add depth and richness to the narrative. The Devil Wears Tartan is an emotional and heartwarming story that kept me on the edge of my seat with its unexpected twists and turns, along with the deeply emotional plot points.

The novel perfectly executes the classic enemies-to-lovers trope while also exploring themes of coming-of-age. Katia Rose does an exceptional job of capturing the essence of both, making The Devil Wears Tartan a standout in the sapphic romance genre. The emotional depth of the story is so impactful that it brought me to tears multiple times, as I became fully invested in the lives and struggles of Moira and Kenzie.

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Book Description:

Some couples are a match made in heaven. Moira and Kenzie are convinced the only place they’re a match is in hell.

Raised as the shining prodigies of warring highland dance schools, the two grew up with blaring bagpipes as the backing track for a feud that took them all the way to the world championships.

Moira could never keep Kenzie’s icy glares from getting under her skin, and Kenzie could never hold back an eye-roll as she watched the crowds fawn over her rival’s happy-go-lucky charm.

Starting college has forced both women to hang up their kilts, but when their local highland dance association announces a scholarship for a life-changing amount of money, they find themselves back onstage for one last season.

The stakes are higher than ever, but between shooting daggers at each other’s backs and insults at each other’s faces, their eyes start lingering, their hearts start pounding, and the sparks begin to build into a fire neither of them can control.

Hell could freeze before either woman would admit their attraction, but that won’t stop them from using it to play dirty—and getting caught in the crossfire of their feelings along the way.

After all, sometimes the devil wears tartan.

The Devil Wears Tartan by Katia Rose
Narrator: Sophie Daniels
Length: 10 hrs and 12 mins
Published by Tantor Audio Genres: Coming of Age, Enemies to Lovers, LesFic/Sapphic Fiction, Sports Romance
Format: Audiobook
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