The Fall of Supervillainy by C. T. Phipps

Phipps Had Me Laughing Throughout

4.25 out of 5 stars

C.T. Phipps continues to captivate with his ninth installment in The Supervillainy Saga, The Fall of Supervillainy. Gary Karkofsky aka Merciless, aka… too many others, finds himself navigating a newly rebooted Earth where superheroes and villains coexist in an uneasy balance. Phipps takes readers on a wild journey through alien realms, fantasy dungeons, and dragon encounters.

One of the most impressive aspects of Phipps’ writing is his ability to sustain the entertainment factor across multiple books. Even nine books into the series, I find myself thoroughly entertained by the clever mix of humor, action, and unexpected twists. I rarely leave a Phipps book without a smile on my face. The author’s creativity knows no bounds, as he introduces readers to new worlds and characters that keep the narrative fresh and engaging, even nine books deep. And his ability to weave worlds together and combine the different stories into one continuous multiverse is nothing short of amazing.

Phipps’ signature humor is at the forefront of this story, delivering laughs that made me chuckle. The witty banter and sarcastic undertones woven into the dialogue showcase the author’s mastery of comedic writing. The humor not only provides a delightful reading experience but also serves as a constant reminder of the series’ unique charm.

In The Fall of Supervillainy, it felt like the series was hurtling towards a climactic conclusion. However, Phipps manages to leave enough threads untied to hint at more adventures to come. This delicate balance between resolution and anticipation adds an extra layer of intrigue for long-time fans and newcomers alike.

Jeffrey Kafer’s narration continues to be a standout element of the Supervillainy Saga. His delivery perfectly captures the essence of Gary, bringing the character’s snarky and sarcastic moments to life.

The Fall of Supervillainy is so darn good at delivering an entertaining and humorous experience that fans have come to expect from C.T. Phipps. Whether you’re a loyal follower of the Supervillainy Saga or a newcomer looking for a lighthearted and action-packed read, this installment is sure to leave you eagerly awaiting the next chapter in Gary Karkofsky’s unconventional journey. Though this is the ninth book, I would consider picking up some of the first books before diving into this one because not knowing the characters would have confused me.

Book Description:

The Fall of Supervillainy by C. T. PhippsGary Karkofsky, a.k.a. Merciless: The Supervillain Without MercyTM, is enjoying the bliss of a newly rebooted Earth. Ultragod is President of the United States, most supervillains are either harmless or imprisoned, and superpowers are being used to benefit all mankind. Of course it couldn’t last. Suffering a near fatal heart attack and under attack by extra-dimensional evils, Gary struggles to find an object that might repair the universe he’s unwittingly damaged the fabric of.

Gary will find himself dealing with an alien witch queen, a fantasy world with a massive dungeon, and a final showdown with his greatest foe!

Oh and he sleeps with a dragon.

Enjoy the next exciting installment of the Supervillainy Saga!

The Fall of Supervillainy by CT Phipps
Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer
Length: 8 hrs and 45 mins
Series: The Supervillainy Saga #9
Published by Crossroad Press on October 23rd 2023
Genres: Fantasy, Suspense
Format: Audiobook
Also by this author: Cthulhu Armageddon, Agent G: Infiltrator, The Tower of Zhaal, Lucifer's Star
Also in this series: The Rules of Supervaillainy, The Games of Supervillainy, The Secrets of Supervillainy, The Science of Supervillainy


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