The Feast: And Other Horrifying Tales Cover

Holiday-Themed Horror

4.25 out of 5 stars

Collections of stories like The Feast can be hit or miss with me. Sometimes they feel disjointed or just don’t make a lot of sense why they’re published together.  Thankfully Vorhees does a nice job of keeping a “theme” throughout (even as the stories change from tale to tale. This felt like one cohesive set of stories instead of a bunch of random ones thrown into a book.

Each story has it’s own good and bad, but most of them were good. The character building and storytelling were good and I thought that Vorhees was able to write short stories that felt realistic and new while also feeling “familiar”. What I mean by this is that they still feel like original stories but they don’t feel like brand new ideas. Just like some of the best horror films play on the same topics and plots – these stories benefit from good horror tropes.

The narration was done by Victor Warren. At first I was a bit worried because it felt like he was going act a little too much (especially using his voice up and down), but as it turns out – he did a great job adding some flare and something extra to these stories.

If you’re a horror fan and a fan of horror short stories there’s bound to be something in this collection that’ll suit you. I enjoyed it from beginning to end and I’m glad that I had a chance to check it out.

Book Description:

The Feast: And Other Horrifying Tales Cover ThumbnailA collection of short stories that take place on different holidays over the course of the year. The collection opens with A New Year, a New Day, a New Life. Grant Curtis is arrested on New Year’s Day and charged with the murder of his wife Carla.

In Easter: The Resurrection, a resurrected Kyle Gardner seeks vengeance on Pastor Brian.

The Vengeance of Cassidy Clay is a narrative poem that takes place on Halloween. The poem tells the story of a slave-hunter who haunts the woods long after his death and many more spine chilling tales.

The Feast: And Other Horrifying Tales by David Vorhees
Narrator: Victor Warren
Length: 4 hrs and 18 mins
Published by Self Published on June 30th 2020
Genres: Horror
Format: Audiobook
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