Jobz Is Back and On the Case

4.5 out of 5 stars

Jobz is back and thrown into the thick of it in The Flower Man.  Researching a famous tv news anchor leads him to places he wouldn’t imagine – along with finding some unwanted things along the way.

One of my Goodreads updates for this was “Pretty good so far. I liked the first Jobz thriller. His personality makes me laugh. Even if he is kinda a womanizer.” – I’ve written another review of a mystery where the main character was a womanizer – but for some reason the way that Zandri writes about Jobz – it’s… forgivable I guess?  I can’t explain it – but you can call me out for it if you’d like.

I don’t know why the idea that Jobz day job is looking into fraud while also looking into these crazy people (the first book still sits on my mind – that one was messed up).  The Flower Man wasn’t nearly as brutal but there were still some brutal scenes and imagery in this one.

The entire book is set around a backdrop of sexual harassment – both from the “tv guy” and from Jobz himself.  I won’t give too much away – but I wanted to warn people in case they were bothered by scenes like this.

Overall, I thought that the second Jobz book was a great follow up and I’m really curious how Zandri will continue with this series.  I hope there are more – they’re well thought out and enjoyable.  Especially with Wehrlen at the helm for the audiobooks.

Book Description:

Audiobook: The Flower Man by Vincent Zandri (Narrated by Andrew B. Wehrlen)four-half-stars
The Flower Man by Vincent Zandri
Narrator: Andrew B. Wehrlen
Length: 6 hrs and 28 mins
Series: Steve Jobz Thriller #2
Published by Self Published on June 21st 2018
Genres: Mystery, Thriller

Hard-boiled mystery. Mayhem. Murder...

"Sexual harassment in the workplace will not only ruin your career, it will get you killed."

Private investigator and anti-hero Steve Jobz has screwed up big time. He had one too many the night before, and it gave him the courage to text photos of his naked chest to his hot new coworker at the State Department of Insurance Fraud Agency. While the lovely Kate is keeping quiet about the texts, Jobz feels like the boom is about to come down on him when his boss orders him into her office. Seems homicide detective Nick Miller wants a face-to-face with the former cop.

But what Miller wants has nothing to do with Jobz’s texts. Instead, they have everything to do with a local television news personality known to all as "Mr. TV". Much like Jobz, the lovable news anchor has also texted photos of himself to a coworker, but these photos were not of the relatively tame chest-high variety. Rather, the pictures were taken below the belt. As a result, Mr. TV is not only getting sued, but is being issued death threats from the victim’s Russian immigrant father.

When Miller assigns Jobz to personally watch over Mr. TV and his cougar wife, Janice, what he discovers is that the couple are up to their necks in more than just a sexting scandal. They are in fact broke and living on cash that is coming from a very unlikely source: the Russian mob. What follows is a quagmire of sex, shootouts, serial murder, and a quirky private detective who just can't keep himself from getting in trouble with the ladies.

Like The Embalmer, the first novel in the new Steve Jobz PI series created and written by Thriller Award-winning, New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Vincent Zandri, The Flower Man culminates with an explosive climax and promises to keep listeners glued to their chairs for hours. For fans of Michael Connelly, Robert B. Parker, Charlie Huston, Jim Crumley, Lee Child, Brett Battles, and more.

Nab this thriller today before it's too late!

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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