The Jossing Affair Audiobook Cover

The Jossing Affair Audiobook Cover

Complex But Enjoyable

4 out of 5 stars

Going into and planning for a 22+ hour audiobook read is quite a daunting task, but I cannot imagine the time and effort that Oakley put into writing it. The amount of detail that went into each character, setting, and chapter felt insanely well-researched. I could tell that Oakley was trying to write the most authentic book that she could while still calling it fiction.

I went into it pretty blind, not really knowing exactly what it was going to be about and it didn’t hurt or help my reading. After finishing it, I went to see what others thought about it (something I don’t normally do) because it was such an interesting book I had to know what other reviewers thought about it. I didn’t see any or many audiobook reviews, but I did see lots of great reviews on the kindle edition, and for good reason. It was interesting from beginning to end. I was genuinely worried I was going to get bored or that some things would be mundane as the book continued – but I didn’t feel that way very often. Oakley did a great job with the pacing and setting expectations of the flow of the book from the get-go.

I don’t want to talk too much about the story itself since this book is 500+ pages and 22+ hours – giving a one-paragraph synopsis wouldn’t be doing any of it justice. Just know that as a history nerd, I loved reading about things that I had no idea happened. This was definitely one of those historical topics.

Overall, I thought that Oakley’s The Jossing Affair was an interesting and thought-provoking historical fiction book. One that isn’t short on research or on intrigue. As I said above – it was complex but enjoyable. 22+ hours is a great way to spend a credit, especially if you’re into historical fiction about places and things you may have never known or heard about.

Book Description:

The Jossing Affair Audiobook Cover

British-trained Norwegian intelligence agent, Tore Haugland, is a jøssing – a patriot – sent to a fishing village on Norway’s west coast to set up a line to receive weapons and agents from England via the “Shetland Bus”. Posing as a deaf fisherman, his mission is complicated when he falls in love with Anna Fromme, a German widow. Accused of betraying her husband, she has a young daughter and secrets of her own.

Although the Allies have liberated France, the most zealous Nazis hang on in Norway, sending out agents to disembowel resistance groups. If Haugland fails, it could cost him his life and the lives of the fishermen who have joined him. When Haugland is betrayed and left for dead, he will have to find the one who betrayed him and destroyed his network. He will also have to prove that the one he loves was not the informer. In wartime, love and trust are not always compatible.

The Jøssing Affair by J.L. Oakley
Narrator: Chris Humphreys
Length: 22 hrs and 49 mins
Published by Fairchance Press on March 6th 2021
Genres: Historical Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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