The Last Conversation

Just Okay

2.5 out of 5 stars

I’ve given myself a few days to ruminate on this one because I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I like Tremblay and his writing style, but in this specific story – it just sort of rubbed me the wrong way. I think part of that was on purposed. Tremblay was trying to make the reader feel as uncomfortable as the main character who wakes up in a room with no knowledge of who he is or how he got there.

The story took the turn that I expected it to, but honestly it didn’t take away from the ending in my opinion. Even predictable I still found myself enjoying how it ended. The story in between, even though a short story, took lots of twists and turns to get there. I just wasn’t a fan of the feeling the book gave me (it’s hard to describe and impossible to do so without spoiling it).

Overall, this was an okay story and probably one of the weaker stories in the series. The narration in this one was just okay as well, nothing jumped out at me as being a good narration but it wasn’t bad either. This whole book felt “average” to me. Not good or bad. Just okay.

Book Description:

The Last Conversation

Audible narration by Steven Strait (The Expanse)

What’s more frightening: Not knowing who you are? Or finding out? A Bram Stoker Award-winning author explores the answer in a chilling story about identity and human consciousness.

Imagine you’ve woken up in an unfamiliar room with no memory of who you are, how you got there, or where you were before. All you have is the disconnected voice of an attentive caretaker. Dr. Kuhn is there to help you – physically, emotionally, and psychologically. She’ll help you remember everything. She’ll make sure you reclaim your lost identity. Now answer one question: Are you sure you want to?

Paul Tremblay’s The Last Conversation is part of Forward, a collection of six stories of the near and far future from out-of-this-world authors. Each piece can be read or listened to in a single thought-provoking sitting.

The Last Conversation by Paul Tremblay
Narrator: Steven Strait
Length: 1 hr and 45 mins
Series: Forward #5
Published by Brilliance Audio on September 17th 2019
Genres: Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction
Format: Audiobook
Also in this series: Randomize, Ark, Emergency Skin, You Have Arrived At Your Destination


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