The Last Protector Audiobook Cover

The Last Protector Audiobook Cover

Fast-Paced From Beginning To End

4.25 out of 5 stars

I had to jump on this one because of how much I enjoyed Gervais’s other series – Pierce Hunt. I knew what to expect from those books but the pacing and the absolute edge-of-my-seat amount of action that The Last Protector had was just awesome.

I also knew going into it that I love Kafer’s narration and knowing the way that Gervais tells a story – I knew that I was going to really enjoy this one. I actually laughed out loud when one of the plot points of this story revolves around archeological sites – since I’ve read a lot of Kafer’s narrations where the entire book is about trekking out into the rain forest to find hidden archeological sites. Kafer nails the performance of this one – really helping an already great story sound even better.

The Last Protector was really good from beginning to end. I found myself really digging the lead character Clayton White and even though I couldn’t completely relate to him, I still found him to be compelling and interesting (I mean I can’t relate to Jason Bourne either). I found the political intrigue and the different angles (trying not to spoil) that were there really ramped this up to an 11.

Gervais knows how to get my blood pumping and really compelled by the main characters of his books. He also knows how to make me dislike the enemies a lot. This book was no different. I loved White and hated the people I thought were out to get him. Each scene that things would ramp up – I would fly through them, hoping that the outcome was positive for White and the people on the “good” side, even if I wasn’t sure who was good.

Overall, the combination of Gervais and Kafer did it for me here. Another great thriller that I absolutely blew through. And a series that I’ll definitely be continuing.

Book Description:

The Last Protector Audiobook Cover

From the acclaimed author of the Pierce Hunt series comes a thrilling novel featuring a Secret Service agent who takes on a ruthless foe to protect the country he serves and the woman he loves.

Former air force combat rescue officer Special Agent Clayton White now works for the Secret Service performing routine escort missions for politicians. These missions may not be quite as exciting as his time in the military, but Clayton’s okay with that. It gives him more time to see his girlfriend, Veronica Hammond – an archaeologist who also happens to be the vice president elect’s daughter.

But Clayton’s seemingly manageable new routine takes a startling turn when South African mercenaries target Veronica at an awards gala celebrating her work. After this attempt on Veronica’s life, Clayton enters a complicated web of lies, betrayal, and dangerous government secrets.

As Clayton gets closer to the truth, he encounters unexpected foes pitted against questionable allies. With enemies at every turn, the only constant Clayton can rely on is Veronica. But when the threat against her turns on him, too, he faces an impossible choice: love or country.

The Last Protector by Simon Gervais
Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer
Series: Clayton White #1
Published by Brilliance Audio on November 1st 2021
Genres: Thriller
Format: Audiobook
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