The Lawyer's Luck

The Lawyer's Luck

Enjoyable Historical Romance

4.5 out of 5 stars

I found myself really enjoying The Lawyer’s Luck. The more I read into it, the more I liked it. It had a few characters other than Lawrence and Realie, but they were the definite stars of this show. Lawrence and Realie run into each other early in the story and things from there get interesting. Early on, I wasn’t sure how this story was going to play out, but as it built, like Realie, I was learning who Lawrence was and what his intentions were.

The story in The Lawyer’s Luck was extremely cute, but it was also a time-period that I don’t read as much about as I probably should. Taking place in 1844 in Oberlin, Ohio (Southwest of Cleveland), it’s a time period that was in flux. Slavery still existed, but freed slaves did too. This story seems to touch on some of these topics along with understanding how Lawrence was in the spot that he was in (especially compared to Realie).

The narration by Shamaan Casey was perfect for this story. He portrayed Lawrence perfectly, and made this story even better by narrating it. I’m really glad that I got a chance to listen to it. I also thought this story was the perfect amount of time, any longer and things would have felt drawn out to fill pages.

Book Description:

The Lawyer's Luck

Oberlin, Ohio – 1844

Lawrence Stewart is a rare man. Raised with his grandmother’s Miami Indian tribe, as a Negro, he has consistently walked between two worlds most of his life. He devotes his time and study to becoming a lawyer, fully intending to obtain justice for the ousted Miami Indians. No Negro man has accomplished these things before, but he is not daunted. He studies for his exams as he rides circuit through the backwoods of Ohio, handing out justice to people who cannot easily reach a courthouse. His life is perfectly set until one June day….

Aurelia “Realie” Baxter made her way from enslavement in Georgia to the free land Lake Huron in Ohio. Far from happy as a slave doing the bidding of a woman cooped up in a house all day, Realie is a bona fide tomboy with a special gift with horses. Now, she is so close to freedom in Canada, she can smell it, but her plans are interrupted when Lawrence shoots her…by mistake….

Lawrence cannot study encumbered with the care of an enslaved woman, but he’s responsible for her injury…. Realie wants to get to Canada, but Lawrence won’t let her get away in trying to help her…. One chance meeting can change your life from what you thought you wanted…to what you really need.

The Lawyer's Luck by Piper Huguley
Narrator: Shamaan Casey
Length: 2 hrs and 8 mins
Series: A Home to Milford College #0.5
Published by Self Published on March 25th 2021
Genres: Romance
Format: Audiobook
Also by this author: The Preacher's Promise, The Mayor's Mission


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