The Office BFFs Audiobook Cover

The Office BFFs Audiobook Cover

Made Me Laugh And Smile Throughout

5 out of 5 stars

I’m a huge fan of The Office, and I’m currently rewatching it from the start because a friend of mine hasn’t seen it and I wanted to watch it around the same time so we could chat about the episodes. I listened to one or two of the podcast, The Office Ladies, that The Office BFFs Jenna and Angela put on and they’re perfect for a movie and TV trivia nerd like me. So, diving into this book I had a feeling it was going to be filled with lots of little tidbits that you couldn’t read or hear about anywhere else. I was right.

Jenna and Angela allowed me to go back to what it felt like to watch The Office for the first time. And even after already seeing it a few times, the stories that they told warmed my heart and made me fall in love with the characters and the people behind the characters more. Like the fact that most of them brought in stuff for their desks instead of the props department making each character’s desk. Or the fact that they had to be continuously “working” in the background even when the shot wasn’t specifically for them. Each story that Jenna and Angela told warmed my heart, made me laugh and had me smiling like a manic throughout.

The performance(s) in The Office BFFs make this audiobook really stand out. I’ve talked about audiobooks a lot, obviously, I write a blog about audiobooks – but some of them have A LOT more to offer. Usually when it’s a celebrity performing their own book. They always tend to add more to it. In this one, I was treated to different scenes that were re-acted out by two of the cast members. Songs from Creed, intro by Rainn, etc. The production value and added content really helped this audiobook shine.

Overall, as a fan of The Office, The Office BFFs was the perfect book for me. The inside information really makes me feel like I know the characters and the actors better now and I love that feeling.

Spoiler alert – no, Pam/Jenna does not reveal what the note with the teapot said. 

Book Description:

The Office BFFs Audiobook Cover

Read by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey with exclusive bonus material contributed by Rainn Wilson, Creed Bratton, Oscar Nunez, Brian Baumgartner, Steve Carell, Ed Helms, Ellie Kemper, Kate Flannery and Jennifer Garner.

An intimate, behind-the-scenes celebration of beloved The Office co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey’s friendship, and an insiders’ view of Pam Beesly, Angela Martin, and the iconic TV show.

Receptionist Pam Beesly and accountant Angela Martin had very little in common when they toiled together at Scranton’s Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. But, in reality, the two bonded in their very first days on set and, over the nine seasons of the series’ run, built a friendship that transcended the show and continues to this day. Sharing everything from what it was like in the early days as the show struggled to gain traction, to walking their first red carpet—plus exclusive stories on the making of milestone episodes and how their lives changed when they became moms—The Office BFFs is full of the same warm and friendly tone Jenna and Angela have brought to their Office Ladies podcast.


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