Good, But Slightly Predictable Stories

4 out of 5 stars

I saw a lot of buzz around this book and I wanted to know what the fuss was about.  A lot of the people I saw posting about it were bloggers I didn’t know but ran in the same circle as me – so I took the dive.

The stories were all good, short, and enjoyable.  There wasn’t one story that I thought didn’t need to be in here but none of them really jumped out at me.  Once I read about four of the short stories I started to see a trend in Demmer’s writing.  The arc of each story almost followed the exact same pattern from story to story.

The interesting part was that even though some of the stories felt predictable – they were all still enjoyable.  A lot of them invoked that “Telltale Heart” by Poe feeling. The one where you are building suspense without giving away too much.

Overall, a collection of 23 stories – that, while slightly predictable, were still a great read.  I really liked that I could pick up this book and read while my wife was shopping or doing something and have finished 2 or 3 stories at a time.

Book Description:

by Calvin Demmer

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