The Secret of You and Me

The Secret of You and Me

Full of Real Emotion and Feeling

5 out of 5 stars

The Secret of You and Me was an adorable story of former lovers who were ripped apart because of small-town prejudices. A death in the family brings Nora back to her hometown to deal with her fathers estate and figure out what to do with all of his old junk. Sophie has lived in this small town her whole life and once she realizes that Nora is back home she’s reminded of what real love was like.

There’s so much going on in this book and a lot of the themes and aspects of it won’t spoil the story necessarily but would take away from the feeling of discovery, pain, and just overarching “feeling” that Lenhardt was able to put into this book. Each scene where these themes come up (like being gay in a small town) are full of so much real emotion and feeling that sometimes this book gets a bit heavy. But that’s what made it so good. Lenhardt was able to make these fictional character pop off the page as real and human.

Nora hasn’t really ever had a real relationship since she turned her back on Sophie, and Sophie has been an alcoholic and in a loveless marriage for about the same amount of time. Each of them were broken but they didn’t realize how much and also how much it was hurting the both of them.

Overall, I thought that The Secret of You and Me was excellent, a story that I cried through, smiled through, and really enjoyed from cover to cover.

I also thought that the narration was excellent. Natalie Duke and Courtney Patterson did a great job of becoming each character and really making this story jump off of the pages.

Book Description:

The Secret of You and Me

True love never fades – and old secrets never die….

Nora hasn’t looked back. Not since she fled Texas to start a new life. Away from her father’s volatile temper and the ever-watchful gaze of her claustrophobically conservative small town, Nora has freed herself. She can live – and love – however she wants. The only problem is that she also left behind the one woman she can’t forget. Now, tragedy calls her back home to confront her past – and reconcile her future.

Sophie seems to have everything – a wonderful daughter, a successful husband and a rewarding career. Yet underneath that perfection lies an explosive secret. She still yearns for Nora – her best friend and first love – despite all the years between them. Keeping her true self hidden hasn’t been easy, but it’s been necessary. So when Sophie finds out that Nora has returned, she hopes Nora’s stay is short. The life she has built depends on it.

But they both find that first love doesn’t fade easily. Memories come to light, passion ignites, and old feelings resurface. As the forces of family and intolerance that once tore them apart begin to reemerge, they realize some things may never change – unless they demand it.

The Secret of You and Me by Melissa Lenhardt
Narrator: Courtney Patterson, Natalie Duke
Length: 10 hrs and 54 mins
Published by Harlequin Audio on August 4th 2020
Genres: LesFic/Sapphic Fiction, Romance
Format: Audiobook
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