The Wall Brian Penn

A Captivating Dystopian Tale

4.25 out of 5 stars

The Wall is a captivating dystopian tale that pulls you in from the start. Penn wastes no time with excessive backstory, immersing you in the here and now which shocked me. I wasn’t sure what to think at the start but I guess all you needed to know about was The Wall, one side “has it all” and one side was the dumping grounds. Everything else can be picked up as it goes.

The concept of The Wall felt familiar to me but I couldn’t quite place it. As the story progressed, I realized it had a combination of The Hunger Games and 1984, two classics. And where it branches out was an interesting idea that brought to mind the movie The Island, one of my favorites – so it’s in incredibly good company in my eyes.

Welland’s narration is a standout, striking the perfect balance between performance and storytelling. His ability to convey emotions adds a layer of depth to the characters and the plot, keeping me hooked from start to finish.

One aspect that may divide listeners is the increasing focus on religion (specifically God, The Bible, and prayer) as the story unfolds. To each their own here – but I started to get that “okay this is a bit much” feel for me. I don’t want to take away from the author, character, or readers’ beliefs – so I want to make sure and say that this could be just a “me issue” – so don’t base my review off of that alone. I did not take away or add any stars because of this.

Overall, The Wall is a gripping listen that will leave you thinking long after the final chapter. Which is great because this is apparently the first book in a trilogy!? I didn’t realize that going into it and it has a full arc to it (kudos for no cliffhanger). I have an idea of where the series will go and I’m intrigued to see if I’m right.

Penn’s storytelling, coupled with Welland’s narration, makes this audiobook a standout in the dystopian genre.

Book Description:

The Wall Brian Penn

He could live forever. But is he willing to pay the price?

It’s 2099, and the former United States of America is in the midst of another civil war. In the wake of a revolutionary technology that grants people a second chance at life, an impenetrable wall divides the prosperous nation of Zion from the slums of MiddleLand. Stuck inside the wall and desperate to reunite with his fiancée, contraband smuggler Asher is hell-bent on finding a way out.

When his uncle offers him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Asher is faced with an impossible task: impersonate a talented Zion soldier and risk his life in the Canonization, a brutal gladiator duel against a champion who never loses. But defeating an unbeatable opponent and reuniting with his one true love is only the beginning. Asher thought the second life policy was outlawed. But the truth is far more sinister, and he soon finds himself caught up in the middle of a terrifying rebellion that will decide the fate of both sides of the Wall.

As an explosive and futuristic sci-fi adventure that artfully weaves together high-octane action and heart-stopping romance, The Wall presents an unforgettable YA dystopia that’s perfect for fans of Divergent, The Hunger Games, and Dune.

The Wall by Brian Penn
Narrator: Luke Welland
Length: 8 hrs and 9 mins
on January 5th 2024
Genres: Technothriller, YA
Format: Audiobook
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