Charisma Can Be Dangerous!

4.5 out of 5 stars

Every high school has a teacher like Fiske – the one who is remembered and loved throughout time.  Bob Fiske was a mentor, teacher and had a list of “winners” who he foresaw as being real movers and shakers, their success would be monumental.  Then Fiske disappears and rumors of “misbehavior” surface.  Not only does he disappear but also a current female student that fuels the rumors.

What can four of his “winners” do to find him and will the truth redeem Fiske or condemn him?

The characters are well developed as is the plot.  Well written, Jeff Bond (author) sets the stage for an action-packed, fast-moving story with lots of twists.  Bond reveals each twist, secret and betrayal with methodical precision.  A book that lingers long after the audiobook ends.

Natalie Duke and Brandon Paul Eells excel at narrating the book together.  Both speak clearly and move the story along with their performance.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mysteries and suspense.

Book Description:

Bob Fiske – the 74-year-old dinosaur who’s taught Honors English and coached varsity football for five decades – is missing.

To his Winners, class favorites Fiske designated over the years for their potential to “Live Big,” it’s heartbreaking. Fiske did more than inspire with soaring oratory; he supported their ambitions into adulthood. Four of his brightest former stars reunite to find him, putting high-octane careers on hold, slipping police barricades, racing into the wilds of Northern Michigan for clues about the fate of their legendary mentor.

Others don’t see a legend. They see an elitist whose time has passed.

When a current student – a female – disappears just hours into the Winners’ search amid rumors of inappropriate meetings, the Great Man’s reputation is in shambles.

Feints, betrayal, explosive secrets from their own pasts: as facts emerge, each Winner must decide how far they’ll go for Fiske. Can the truth redeem him? Or has this cult of hyper-achievement spawned a thing so vile none of their lives will survive intact?

The Winner Maker by Jeff Bond
Narrator: Brandon Paul Eells, Natalie Duke
Length: 11 hrs and 24 mins
Published by Self Published on December 7th 2018
Genres: Suspense
Format: Audiobook
Also by this author: Blackquest 40, Dear Durwood, Anarchy of the Mice


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