A Change of Pace Post-Apocalyptic Novella

5 out of 5 stars

I found this book while browsing through Amazon late one night – as if I don’t already have enough books to read. I love Boyd Craven and obviously, if you’re a follower of my blog or my reviews, you know I’m a pretty big fan of Kevin Pierce’s narrations.  I came across this novella and at 1.99 for the audiobook (at time of publishing) I had to pull the trigger.  I also really liked the length of it.  I wouldn’t want to pay more than 3 or 4 dollars for a shorter book like this, but the ability to start and finish a book in one sitting without ‘wasting’ the whole day really appeals to me.

The story itself was reminiscent of another book by Craven that I read with some little differences.  I loved that the main character was a prepper by a different name. He considered himself part of the homesteading community.  And while living this off-the-grid lifestyle, he would blog about his different projects so that others could learn with him.

In comes an EMP (or what they think might be an EMP) and when S is supposed to HTF he is more prepared than even he would realize.  Oh, and there is a very cute love story thrown in the mix and it was honestly a nice and refreshing change of pace in the post-apocalyptic world.

My only complaint is that there aren’t more audiobooks available in this series. It seems like Craven and Pierce teamed up to do book one and then another book later. Now I want to read more and I’ll actually have to READ! haha.

Overall, a great novella that has an “ending” but I definitely want to continue the series. Kevin Pierce’s narration definitely made this already good book even better.

Book Description:

Audiobook: The World Burns (Book 1) by Boyd Craven III (Narrated by Kevin Pierce)five-stars
The World Burns (The World Burns #1) by Boyd Craven III
Narrator: Kevin Pierce
Length: 1 hr and 57 mins
Series: The World Burns #1
Published by Self Published on June 23, 2015
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic
Pages: 100
Format: Audiobook
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Tension grips the country as the nuclear talks with Iran starts to go poorly. This is largely ignored by the populace and the threat of war goes unheeded.

Blake has lived his life through hard work and his blog- Back Country J. He's an off grid homesteader, blogger and author. He has the life that preppers dream of, and he never knows it. As an on again off again handyman he learns how to fix everything in his life except loneliness, until he meets Sandra.

Sandra is a Army veteran who has caught his attention, and also the preacher's daughter. Sparks fly the first time they meet and the shy hermit asks her out on a date.

Follow the couple as they try to survive raiders, hunger, and human nature when the balloon goes up after an EMP is set off.

Also by this author: One Man's Opus, Opus Oddessey, Blackout (Still Surviving #1), All Dark

About the Author:

Boyd Craven has penned over 20 books over the last two years, only recently deciding to take the plunge into publishing. His “The World Burns” Series has hit the top 10 in the Dystopian Genre in the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia. Boyd has made his home in Michigan with his wonderful wife and about a million kids, but travels to Texas to visit family as frequently as possible.

He hunts and goes fishing when he’s not dreaming up post-apocalyptic nightmares to put his characters through. Fear not though, Boyd is a huge believer that in the darkest hour, there is always a glimmer of hope to hold onto.

In addition to being a modern day urban farmer, Boyd belongs to a co-op selling at the local farmers market, and lately has been experimenting with living off the grid – an excellent way to research for his series, as well as torture his teenage sons.

Prepare yourself by reading his books – they’re a thrill ride, on or off the grid.


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