The Tiger's Tears Audiobook Cover

The Tiger's Tears Audiobook Cover

Brutal But Good

4.5 out of 5 stars

The Tiger’s Tears is the second book in the Misadventures Memoirs series and this one jumps right into it. We’re also shown just how deep the connection between the characters is as the story progresses. Now, I knew going into this story what I was in for – and yet I still wasn’t completely prepared. I think that going into it with a mind that it’s going to be “splatterpunk” levels of horror, blood, and gore. Especially in the opening of the book might be enough to warn some people. Even then, Boy and Carod do a great job bringing to light a dark side of specific types of people.

Now, that part out of the way, just like the first book in this series – Boy and Carod are a duo to be reckoned with. They have a great flow to the way they write and each story seems to absolutely fly by. Each time I think I have stuff figured out the rug is pulled out from under my feet or over my eyes. I love reading a book like this because you never know what’s coming next.

I think the authors did a good job with The Tiger’s Tears, as I mentioned above, showing us the dark underbelly of certain types of people. I like the way that they went about it – it allowed me to get extremely uncomfortable when certain things were being talked about or done – but it also made me realize that’s supposed to be a “normal” human’s reaction to those things.

Add in the great narration by Pam Tsujioka and you have a book that I won’t soon forget. Her narration style was perfect for this book and really allowed their words to jump off the page.

Book Description:

The Tiger's Tears Audiobook Cover

Misadventures Memoirs’ second installment The Tiger’s Tears finds Sofia Hernández and her friend Dale Mathis in Guadalajara, building new lives and new homes with the generous rewards they were given by Tiara Tillman.

The dangers and uncertainties of Cancun seem far away. But trouble is brewing. The aggressive nationwide investigations into Martin Tillman’s network of deviants, rapists, and murders results in many old homicide cases being reopened and re-examined. Not a few careers and lives are ruined in the process.

Before the long arm of the law can reach them, very powerful people deem it necessary to seek retribution and revenge on those they hold responsible for Tillman’s death and the unraveling of their web of evil. Sofia, Mathis, and her family suddenly find themselves the target of the remnants of Tillman’s black-hearted, vengeful gang of miscreants.


The Tiger's Tears by Al E. Boy, F. Carod
Narrator: Pam Tsujioka
Length: 11 hrs and 19 mins
Series: Misadventures Memoirs #2
Published by Self Published on June 6th 2021
Genres: Adventure, Thriller
Format: Audiobook
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