It’s April 17th and it’s still snowing.  Let’s face it – the climate has taken a turn.  In honor of the mid-April snow shower – I’m posting my favorite “Cli-Fi” (Climate Fiction) stories.


Rogue wave was probably the first Cli-Fi book I read – way before I knew that was a term people were starting to use.  It was also the first (of many) Boyd Morrison book I enjoyed.


Supercell is the best of this list. Buzz Bernard knows how to write about disasters coming to kill you and everyone you know.  Tornado Warning and 10:37 were above average stories that were missing some pieces.  You can check out my review of each of them on the blog.

Bonus: Cli-Fi Books on my TBR pile

I’ve been reading the Oil Apocalypse series by Lou Cadle and I stumbled across these bad boys.  I’m mad about 2 things. 1) that I haven’t already read them and 2) that they are NOT on audio. Damn you Lou!


Annnndddd more Buzz Bernard.  One of these (Eyewall) is available in audio – but Blizzard and Cascadia are not.  All three sound fantastic though.

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  1. Hey, thanks, Brian. There will be a “deal” coming up on SUPERCELL (eBook version) in a little over a week. And I’ll have announcement regarding CASCADIA on Monday (April 23). Again, I appreciate your support.

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