Women are shining in every genre of speculative fiction, and it is no longer enough to say “Women are here.” Instead, #FearlessWomen everywhere are taking a stand to say “Women will thrive here.”

Head over to tor.com and check out their description of this amazing hashtag and movement they’re behind.



Mira Grant/Seanan McGuire

Favorite Books:  the entire Newsflesh series.

Mira Grant (who I later found out is Seanan McGuire) just captivates me as a reader.  The Newsflesh world might be one of the single best worlds I’ve ever read. She is able to make a world that feels both incredibly real and incredibly terrifying.  Anytime someone asks me for a book recommendation one of the first books I ask if they’ve read is Feed.  When they say no, I launch into my tirade about that book and the series.

Grace Hamilton

Favorite Books: EMP Lodge Series

Grace writes of a world that has gone to shit.  A world where everyday things we are used to aren’t there anymore. Where finding water and shelter could mean the difference between life and death.  The EMP Lodge series has been a long-running favorite of mine and I will continue enjoying it as she keeps writing books.

Dawn Chapman

Favorite Books: Puatera Online Series

A little out of my norm (and into the #FearlessFantasy hashtag) – Dawn Chapman is a newer addition to my blog but man can she write.  The Puatera series has had me on the edge of my seat and I’ve really enjoyed both her incredible world building and her ability to make me feel not only for a fictional character – but technically an NPC in a fictional video game.

H.G. Bells

Favorite Book: Sleep Over

While Sleep Over might not be for everyone.  Bells’ storytelling and just sheer imagination inside of it has had me re-thinking it every time I stay up a little late or have a hard time falling asleep.  The staying power of that story is what solidified it in my mind.  I hope that Bells continues to write enthralling stories like that for years to come.

Jacqueline Druga

Favorite Book: 10:37 (though there are a lot more in my TBR pile)

Druga has written a TON of books.  I was going thrugh my wishlist the other day and realized that she wrote books I didn’t even realize.  I was on goodreads looking at one book when the name popped out at me.  I connected with Druga with 10:37 first (I believe) and loved it.  I’ve read a few other stories of hers and I like that she’s able to think up different and interesting worlds to explore.

These are just a few of the amazing women in fiction that I enjoy.  I’m sure I’m leaving hundreds out of this list – but these are the five that have really stood out to me lately.

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