Last week I wrote about the books that got me into audiobooks along with some of my all-time favorites. (View the post and leave a comment to be entered to win 8 audiobooks).

This week, in honor of Audiobook Month, I’ll write up reasons to love audiobooks with good times to utilize their amazing powers.

Helps people with impairments

This is high on my list.  As mentioned in my “pet peeves” post – I had a friend who passed away a few years back – he lost his vision and embraced audiobooks.  This opened my mind to a whole new world of people who wouldn’t normally be able to read.  We also talked about this last week here (1 hour and 6 mins in).

Auditory learners

I’m an auditory learner – by definition, this means:  (thanks to wikipedia for this) ...a learning style in which a person learns through listening. An auditory learner depends on hearing and speaking as a main way of learning. Auditory learners must be able to hear what is being said in order to understand and may have difficulty with instructions that are drawn but if the writing is in a logical order it can be easier to understand. They also use their listening and repeating skills to sort through the information that is sent to them.

Since my brain is wired this way – I still enjoyed reading but listening to audiobooks has opened a whole new world to me. I’m able to finish books faster but also understand them more after finishing them.


This is easily the second favorite on my list.  I do most of the laundry and find myself enjoying it more when I’m listening to a book.  It also seems to make the tasks go by faster.  But other chores you could utilize an audiobook during include: yard work, dishes, cooking, and vacuuming/dusting,

Working out/Exercising

I’m guilty of not doing this, but I also remember getting really bored when I was running on a treadmill or biking.  I wonder if I’d added in audiobooks while doing this would have helped.  I follow a few influencers who do the same (Ali Spagnola for one).  And I’m pretty sure that Paul of has been utilizing this trick recently.


Winner winner chicken dinner. This is my number one.   I have a 30-minute drive on a good day to work and another 30 minutes back home after the day is finished. I found that I actually enjoy driving into work now and sometimes end up sitting in the parking lot for a few mins to finish a chapter or scene.

The biggest bonus that I did not expect from listening to books in the car was that my road rage is significantly less.  Sure, I still get mad at morons on the road – but before it does, I find myself realizing if I end up getting mad/aggravated, I’m going to miss a part of the book and get upset about that.  It works wonders for me.  Try it out!

Also, I’ll add in a blanket “commuting” to this since I don’t live where mass transit is popular, but when I was in DC for CBC (for my craft beer blog) I had a 45-minute train ride into the city where listening to an audiobook was great.


Some people cannot read while on a plane – but get yourself a good pair of noise-canceling headphones (I have a version of these and they’re amazing).  The ability to get lost in a book while flying through the air is baffling to me. I love it, and I hope that you might, too.


My wife suggested this one and it’s a good one.  I know a lot of people who enjoy quilting, sewing, and other crafts.  Imagine if you could read a book AND finish that blanket. Pretty awesome, right?

Long Car Trips

This could be included with the driving one – but it also deserves its own spot since it’s helped my wife and I crush 8 hours in a car visiting her alma mater. You wouldn’t believe how much more enjoyable a car ride is when you can read while driving (or being a passenger).

Video Games

almost didn’t include this one and I feel like a few people will get mad at me for mentioning it.  But, I listen to audiobooks a lot when I’m playing repetitious video games like Madden, Fifa, Minecraft, and for the third time in this post – driving (games). It’s a nice way to wind down at the end of the night but still enjoy a good book while doing it.


Some people are able to do this depending on what their job is.  Data entry would probably be hard – but if you’re in a job where you have to stay awake all night or have endless hours or just enough stuff to do.  Audiobooks could be a lifesaver.

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