A Delightful Journey Through Trust in Truth

4 out of 5 stars

Emily Banting’s Trust in Truth is a delightful addition to the series, and I found myself thoroughly engaged in the story even though I hadn’t read the original book. Banting’s skillful storytelling and thoughtful character development made it easy for me to catch up, making this an enjoyable standalone experience. I’m sure I would’ve gotten more out of it if I’d known and read their full backstory in the first book, but I didn’t feel behind at all either.

The novel feels like an “in-between” story, bridging the gap between the first and second books in the series. While it continues the overarching narrative, it also offers new insights and challenges for the characters, which keeps the plot fresh and engaging. Banting successfully maintains the continuity of the series while allowing it to evolve in exciting ways.

One of the strengths of Trust in Truth is how it addresses various hot-button issues, with jealousy taking center stage. The exploration of this complex emotion and the havoc it can wreak on relationships adds depth to the story. Banting handles these issues with care and sensitivity, making the characters’ struggles feel genuine and relatable. It’s not just about the problems but also the characters’ growth and their efforts to overcome these challenges that make the story compelling.

The entire narrative is skillfully woven around the backdrop of the Christmas and New Year holidays. Banting strikes a wonderful balance between the holiday spirit and the story’s underlying themes. The way she portrays the two leads navigating their personal issues against the festive backdrop adds a layer of warmth and charm to the book.

Overall, Trust in Truth is a well-crafted story that stands out as an enjoyable read even for those who haven’t delved into the series before. With its adept handling of jealousy and other complex emotions, along with its skillful balance of holiday cheer and storyline development, this book is a must-read for fans of the series and newcomers alike. Emily Banting continues to prove herself as a talented author, and I eagerly look forward to the next installment in the series.

Book Description:

Kindle Edition available with Kindle Unlimited

Spend Christmas in Nunswick with Trust in Truth, the enthralling follow-up to Lost in Love.

After the events of the summer, Katherine and Anna are looking forward to spending a quiet, cozy Christmas together before hosting a New Year’s Eve party at Nunswick Abbey.

When a romantic weekend away for Anna’s birthday doesn’t go to plan, it proves to be the beginning of their Christmas woes, and as workplace pleasantries grow too friendly, a cloud of jealousy and suspicion forms.

As Anna plans the most important party of her career, can she convince Katherine their coworker has more than pub lunches on the brain? Can Katherine keep her composure as the tension rises at Abbey House?

As they count down to the New Year, will Anna and Katherine’s relationship survive the calamitous Christmas season?

Trust in Truth by Emily Banting
Narrator: Lulu Russell
Length: 3 hrs and 10 mins
Series: Nunswick Abbey #2
Published by Tantor Audio on September 5th 2023
Genres: LesFic/Sapphic Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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