Two Hearts Alone Cover

Two Hearts Alone Cover

A Really Cute Novella

5 out of 5 stars

Two Hearts Alone is the first book in the Two Hearts Trilogy from Harper Bliss. These books appear to be novellas – so the entire series should fly by. Especially since Bliss is a fantastic writer that sucks you in from the first pages. That’s exactly what happened. Withing about 5 minutes I knew I was going to love these stories.

Going into this knowing it’s a collection of novellas is important. Bliss splits the stories up into pieces instead of writing a full novel. While I’m not sure why she did that, I’m happy that she did. I needed a quick and happy read yesterday and I was able to start and finish this story with a smile on my face the whole time.

Two Hearts Alone has a lot of cute moments and some great character building. I like the direction that Bliss takes with each main character. I think that this will lead to an interesting dynamic in the books to come. She’s able to build up some drama without there being real drama there yet. I’m sure that in book two or three there will be some issues that come from the types of characters they are – but I also think this will end up being a really cute trilogy from beginning to end.

The dual narration by Melissa Moran and Tanya Eby really steals the show here. I love that each narrator is one of the women. It makes listening to these stories even easier and changes the characters enough that it changes the book from good to great. The dynamic between Eby and Moran is really on display here. They are able to “play” off of each other (maybe even without knowing since I’m sure this was recorded separately) and really make this a great narration.

Book Description:

Two Hearts Alone Cover

In the small town of Donovan Grove, Anna Gunn’s life is organized just the way she likes it: work from home, walks with her dog, Friday night drinks at the bar.

But Anna’s strict routine is challenged when the local bookstore is taken over by city slicker, Zoe Perez.

Will Anna let Zoe into her life, despite the major disruption she will have to tolerate?

And can Zoe look past Anna’s eccentricity and embrace her unconventional behavior?

Find out in part one of this brand new novella trilogy by lesbian romance best-seller Harper Bliss.

Two Hearts Alone by Harper Bliss
Narrator: Melissa Moran, Tanya Eby
Series: Two Hearts Trilogy #1
Published by Tantor Audio Genres: LesFic/Sapphic Fiction, Romance
Format: Audiobook
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