Friends to Lovers and More

4.5 out of 5 stars

I was looking at books coming out in the next few months and saw, what I found out was going to be the third book in this series, and I had to know how it started.  Unexpected tells the story of two roommates who have been friends for 30 years since they were little kids. It’s a story about unexpected chemistry and falling in love with the one person you were afraid of doing so with.

Rimmer was able to write a story that felt real. Sure, it has some of the typical friends to lovers tropes but those were sprinkled in with a lot of real and authentic moments as well. Abby’s character is super realistic and I was happy that she was what is typically the male role in books like these.  She was a sucessful gamer, streamer, and game-related author. Normally the geeky or nerdy role is reserved for the guy – but Unexpected flips the scrip. Sure Marcus was a bit of a ladies man and that was pretty typical, but overall I thought that they were more realistic characters than I’m used to.

There were moments with Abby that had me in full on tears from laughing. She is so much like my wife that I couldn’t help by laugh. The “binder” especially had me in stitches. It’s exactly what she would do and I appreciated that Rimmer was able to bring a character like that to life.

Overall, I really enjoyed Unexpected. Unexpectedly so! 🙂 Sorry, I had to.  The story was cute and funny and really kept a smile on my face. Exactly what I needed to perk up my week.

Book Description:

Co-parenting with her best friend. What could go wrong?

The next three decades of Abby Herbert’s life are as carefully planned out as the last three were. Best career ever? Check. Great friends, one of whom she lives with in a stunning Tribeca apartment? Check. Perfect man to share her dream family? Surely just a matter of time. But then she gets devastating news from her doctor – if she wants to get pregnant, she needs to get started on that by…well, yesterday. On the bright side, she has the perfect person in mind to be the father.

Tech entrepreneur Marcus Ross has been harboring decidedly not-friends feelings toward Abby. He doesn’t want to lose her and, knowing his feelings are one-sided, he’s been trying to move on. When he learns about the curveball Abby’s just been hit with, he promises to be there for her however she wants him to be, even if the idea of fatherhood is a little complicated for him right now. But it isn’t long until boundaries start to blur, and a deal struck between friends starts to turn into something perilously close to feelings that could change everything….

Unexpected by Kelly Rimmer
Narrator: Lidia Dornet, Rock Engle
Length: 10 hrs and 25 mins
Series: Start Up in the City #1
Published by Harlequin Audio on May 28th 2019
Genres: Romance, RomCom
Format: Audiobook
Also by this author: Unspoken, Undone
Also in this series: Unspoken, Undone


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