Unspoken (Start Up In The City #2) by Kelly Rimmer (Narrated by Lidia Dornet & Rock Engle)

Started Slow, But Ended Well

4 out of 5 stars

I read Unspoken a couple of weeks ago and forgot to write the review right after.  Thankfully the book stood out to me and I remember most of the juicy bits about it. Unspoken is the second book in the Start Up In The City series by Kelly Rimmer – this one takes a new couple, one who is currently going through a divorce and asks what happens when someone realizes their mistakes and they’re forced to stay together in a vacation home for the week?

At first, I really didn’t think I was going to like this one. It started off on such an angry and resentful note due to the pending divorce that I thought it was going to be really overdone or cheesy. But honestly, Rimmer put a lot of heart into this book.  The characters in the beginning of the book weren’t very likable, but as the book progressed and I realized who they were and why they were feeling the way they felt (sometimes as they realized it themselves) they became these very real and likable people.

The story itself has its up and downs and a few times I really wasn’t sure how it was going to end. I definitely didn’t see some of the things that Paul admitted/changed coming, but it was a good kind of surprised.

The combination of Lidia and Rock’s narration really takes this book to another level. When a chapter is from Paul’s point of view – Rock becomes Paul.  The same thing when Lidia narrates a chapter. It helps both build the characters up but also the story. You can feel the interweaving stories this way.

Overall, I enjoyed book one more, but that’s not to say that Unspoken wasn’t good! I enjoyed it and I’ll definitely be continuing with the series.

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Book Description:

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Sometimes, it’s what you don’t say that can change everything….

Isabel Winton had planned to spend the last few days of her marriage at her vacation home, intending to reflect, regroup…or maybe just do some solitary sulking. Instead, she collides with her almost ex, Paul, who has the same idea. Too stubborn to leave, Isabel figures this is a chance for them to get some closure. But she’s astonished to see that months apart have transformed her emotionally aloof husband into “Paul 2.0”, more open than ever before.

Paul was blindsided when Isabel left him. He had no idea she felt he was more committed to his career than to their marriage. With his new, hard-won self-awareness, he blames himself for letting her walk away. But winning her back will take more than simple words. It’ll mean finding the courage to grow, to trust and grab a second chance at life by each other’s sides.

Unspoken by Kelly Rimmer
Narrator: Lidia Dornet, Rock Engle
Length: 8 hrs and 35 mins
Series: Start Up in the City #2
Published by Harlequin Audio on November 26th 2019
Genres: Romance, RomCom
Format: Audiobook
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