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4 out of 5 stars

When I was about halfway through Untangling the Black Web I honestly wondered if Jacobs worked in the Insurance industry for a time.  There was a lot of little details that felt like you wouldn’t know unless you worked for them.  And I felt the same way about the pain and suffering of losing a loved one to an illness early in life. It felt like there was a lot of truth sprinkled in with the fiction.

I’d never heard of Jacobs before this but the cover and description sucked me in.  Especially the entire part about wanting to bring down the corrupt insurance industry. It resonated with me and I wanted to know where the story went.  Well, it was very focused on the dirty-doings of the lobbyists inside the pockets of DC elites. Along with figuring out what the backbone of the problem was.

Jacobs wrote a lot of details but I never felt like there were too many or that the book was getting too dense for a fiction.  I also think that this was helped by Ciulla’s narration.  He helped bring the slower scenes up with great narration for the faster and more intense parts.  He would raise and lower his voice along with the speed in which he read certain scenes depending on the pacing which really made the audio version of this shine.

Overall, I thought that Untangling The Black Web was an enjoyable action-packed political thriller that touched a lot of close to home issues that I’ve either faced personally or know someone who was buried by them.  A touching story of revenge against one of the “untouchable” and “too big to fail” sectors that are the black-eye on the face of the US.


Book Description:

Audiobook: Untangling the Black Web by T.F. Jacobs (Narrated by Chris Andrew Ciulla)four-stars
Untangling The Black Web by T.F. Jacobs
Narrator: Chris Andrew Ciulla
Length: 8 hrs and 30 mins
Published by Tantor Audio on March 20th 2018
Genres: Political, Thriller
Pages: 300
Format: Audiobook
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When David's wife dies at the hands of a corrupt medical system, David is out for justice. With his skills as a lawyer and his position inside the biggest health insurance company in America - American True Care - he plans to bring down the system, from the inside.

David begins to work his way up the company while recruiting a clandestine team to build a covert case against American True Care. But this is a dangerous game and the players have ties to the highest levels of government. Propped up by lobbyists, senators, congressmen, and even the White House, American True Care will do whatever it takes to keep hold of its power.

As the web of deception and danger tightens around David and his team, they begin to realize that to win they have to risk it all - even their lives.

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


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