Another Hit From This Series

4.5 out of 5 stars

I love a book (and a series) I can pick up, and know I will enjoy every moment. The Chaos Mages series has been that and more so far. Finishing up book three, I feel like I’m starting to really understand what makes the main characters tick.

Each story so far has had a big unknown magical thing happening, and they have to figure out what’s causing it. Of course, all the while, they’re being attacked and dealing with some aspect of the issue(s) going on. While all of this is happening, they’re trying to figure out what’s actually going on, both with the specific story/issue and the overarching what is the Mages Guild doing/causing/covering up. It makes the stories all link together but also makes each one feel special.

Valhalla Beckons wasn’t as no-holds-barred as the second book, but it was just as interesting. The story itself was fascinating, and I thought that the enemy/enemies they were fighting throughout might have been the most interesting of the series so far. The camaraderie and teamwork are on full display here. Even while they are fighting their own internal battles.

Of course, when you go into a story by Steele and Foxe, you know what you’re going into (at least through three books). There is lots of emotion, good jokes, strange and hilarious situations, and action. This was no different. And when you throw in the excellent performance from Steve Campbell and Deva Maria Gregory… it’s a yes from me. They help move the story along and really bring life to each character – both good and evil.

Book Description:

The things we do not control, control us instead….

Corruption plagues Detectives Blackwell and Swift as they are caught between two impossible cases–conspiracy that stretches further than they imagined and an attack that strikes at the very heart of their world.

An attack that shouldn’t be possible.

With hundreds dead and thousands more at risk, Blackwell is forced to confront his inner demons and the mayhem magic he cannot control.

Fate will not be denied.

They say the truth will set you free, but it may also piss you off. Blackwell has no choice but to face it now. Moira depends on it.

As friends fall and enemies rise, they will be tested. And they must not falter.

Valhalla Beckons by Alex Steele, Stephanie Foxe
Narrator: Steve Campbell, Deva Marie Gregory
Length: 6 hrs and 24 mins
Series: The Chaos Mages #3
Published by Self Published on November 11th 2022
Genres: Fantasy
Format: Audiobook
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Also by this author: Stolen Trinkets (The Chaos Mages #1), Blood of the Covenant, Honorless (The Chaos Mages #4), To Hell and Back
Also in this series: Stolen Trinkets (The Chaos Mages #1), Blood of the Covenant, Honorless (The Chaos Mages #4), To Hell and Back

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