Slow Moving

2.5 out of 5 stars

This was one of those books that I really wanted to enjoy but it just felt… off. I don’t think it’s because I hadn’t read the first book – the character building was enough in this to give me who each person was.  It just sort of felt like everyone was a little naive and sure, it might be a small town – but an officer protecting someone’s bakery all night just feels a bit far off. It almost felt like they lived in one of those cookie-cutter walled off neighborhoods.

The story tries to mix a mystery/thriller in with romance.  It was a borderline RomCom since there were funny moments and the “meet cute” moments felt right out of a movie.  The romantic scenes were also a bit interesting. I guess each author has their own word they like to use.  Morland’s word choice for these scense was a bit off for me.

The romantic scenes were the only saving grace to the slow-moving and borderline boring mystery aspect of the story.  It just felt like Morland wanted to make it not just about these two finally getting together – but they needed a weird outside force to force them together.

Thankfully, the narration partially saved this. Kafer and Costa did a great job dual narrating this and made the story where they could.

Book Description:

Megan Flannigan wants only two things in life: to run her bakery The Rise and Shine and to avoid the handsome and insufferable officer Caleb Thornton.

Caleb has made her life difficult ever since he arrested her, over a decade ago, and her one wish is that he leaves her alone, while they both continue to deny the attraction that sparks between them every time they meet.

Her wishes are dashed when her bakery is robbed. To make matters worse, Caleb is assigned to the case and he’s the officer charged to protect Megan from a dangerous criminal.

Caleb Thornton decided to become a police officer to atone for a tragic adolescent mistake. As part of the famously rich and privileged Thornton family, he’s always been aware of how he can never measure up to his family’s expectations.

As a result, he follows the letter of the law in both his job and his personal life – except when it comes to the beautiful and fiery Megan. She makes him yearn for something more, and she attracts him as much as she frustrates him. When Caleb is assigned to watch over Megan, he’s forced to reconcile the feelings he’s harbored for her for years.

But as danger draws closer to Fair Haven, Megan and Caleb must come to grips with the past or risk losing the love of a lifetime.

The Very Thought of You by Iris Morland
Narrator: Heather Costa, Jeffrey Kafer
Length: 5 hrs and 17 mins
Series: The Thorntons #2
on August 30th 2019
Genres: Romance
Format: Audiobook
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