5 out of 5 stars

Stefan Korzh is still selling his mother and fathers haunted items and hoping they kill as many people as possible. In this edition, Victor and Jeremy have to retrieve a book and a rifle. Both the items are intent on killing!! The book is picked up by a young boy and the rifle by a man who has no problem killing with it!

I loved book 1 of this and was hoping that this would be just as good, well it was, and it even surprised me by being better. I had a hard time putting this aside because I needed to see what would happen. The idea of a haunted book was super scary because it’s such an innocuous item and the fact that a young boy had it made it worse!! The plot surrounding the rifle was also scary. The man who had it was a psychopath, but when you add in the homicidal ghost, it made for hard reading.

There is a part of the book where I was thrilled to read because we have a character crossover!!! Not going to say who, but I’m so happy to see him in this. I really hope he gets a few more cameos in the rest of the series. Jeremy and Victor are as awesome as always and we get to see a new character who has potential! Really looking forward to finding out more about him.

In all, this was an amazing read. Creepy, scary, gripping and entertaining, this book is a must-read. Ron Ripley sure knows how to write great reads. Highly recommend his books!

Thom Bowers did an amazing job reading this. I think this is my favorite by him so far because he really brought the creepy atmosphere to life! I couldn’t stop listening!!!

Book Description:

Audiobook: Walter’s Rifle (Haunted Collection #2) by Ron Ripley (Narrated by Thom Bowers)five-stars
Walter's Rifle by Ron Ripley
Narrator: Thom Bowers
Length: 7 hrs and 49 mins
Series: Haunted Collection #2
Published by Self Published on December 8th 2017
Genres: Horror
Pages: 203
Format: Audiobook
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The gleaming muzzle of a rifle burns with an insatiable desire, and its new owner is all too happy to comply....

Haunted items are traversing the country, and their ghosts are wreaking havoc on their new owners. At the center of the chaos is an old rifle possessed by a blood-thirsty specter, who dreams of massacres at every turn. Meanwhile, lurking in a nearby mailbox is an antique novel possessed by a monster who takes pleasure in agonizing, heart-stopping torture.

Stefan Korzh’s plan is unraveling flawlessly, and he can’t imagine a better way of seeking revenge on the world. But Victor Daniels and Jeremy Rhinehart won’t let that happen. Recovering from their grisly encounters with the dead, they’re more prepared than ever before. They work on finding the sources of bloodshed and imprisoning the crazed collectibles.

With murderous ghosts continuing to raise the death toll, Victor and Jeremy have their hands full. They race against time to stop the mayhem and save innocent bystanders. Fueled by their quest for revenge, each step brings them toward the culprit behind all the horror. But as they get closer to catching this madman, they discover how dangerous Stefan Korzh truly is....

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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About the Author:

Ron Ripley is a husband and father surviving in New England, a place which seems to be getting colder every day. He grew up across from a disturbingly large cemetery where he managed to scare himself every night before going to bed. Mostly because of the red lights that people put in front of the headstones. Those things are just plain creepy to a kid.

Ron enjoys writing horror, military history and driving through the small towns of New England with his family, collecting books and giving impromptu lectures on military history to his family, who enjoy ignoring him during those dreadful times.


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