Lightning is a jealous mistress

5 out of 5 stars

This book starts off with Tamri stealing watermight and a dragon. She is immediately caught and wrapped up in a tangle of mess. While Sel, the Princess of Vertigonia, ends up interceding on her behalf where Tamri ends up in her lands to study at a magic school run by the Fire Queen. The King of Pendark doesn’t trust the Fire Queen and uses this opportunity to spy on her. Holding Tamri to an unbreakable oath with her grandmother as leverage, Tamri has no choice but to spy. Meanwhile, Sel is to travel to Sool to meet her fiance who she finds out has been missing.

I honestly was not expecting to like this book so much. The description seemed like a generic fantasy novel but I love my fantasy so I decided to give it a try. This was anything but a generic fantasy tale. I did not read her first set of novels, but not once did I feel lost in this world. I wish I had a little more background of the war that took place but it didn’t dampen the story at all. Everything was paced so well and I truly enjoyed each part of the story. It was surprising that the two points of view were given. Based on the description I was only expecting Tamri’s story but I really enjoyed Sel’s part of the book as well. Both of them on separate adventures but eventually everything blends together. Each storyline had my full interest and I never wanted one over the other.

Along with both interesting storylines, each character was interesting. I loved Tamri’s loyalty to her grandmother. Even though she knows the King of Pendark is an evil guy, she will do what she must. Along her time in Vertigonia, she comes to appreciate the friends she makes and the school there as well. I thought the oath was very clever because usually I have issues with miscommunication but she literally couldn’t tell the royal family of the King’s plan even if she wanted to. Sel was also very enjoyable. She was so smart and I liked the way the royal family was very good. It was also nice to see an arranged marriage, who Sel arranged for herself, work out! All of these things really made it easy to connect to the characters. I cannot wait to see what happens next in this series with these girls.

Overall, this was a fantastic book. With so many different elements to the story and an interesting magical system, I was never bored. The secrecy and discoveries were all paced out so well that I wanted to keep continuing the novel. I highly recommend this book for those who love elemental magic with strong main characters.

Caitlin Kelly was meant to narrate this story. I’ve listened to one other book by her, but she was perfect. I really enjoyed listening to her bring both of these characters to life. She made it very easy to distinguish which point of view and the different importance of each scene. This is an audiobook I would recommend if you were planning on reading this book.

Book Description:

The Watermight Thief (Fire Queen’s Apprentice #1) by Jordan Rivet (Narrated by Caitlin Kelly)five-stars
The Watermight Thief (Fire Queen's Apprentice #1) by Jordan Rivet
Narrator: Caitlin Kelly
Length: 12 hrs and 30 mins
Series: Fire Queen's Apprentice #1
on March 26th 2019
Genres: Fantasy, YA
Format: Audiobook

Welcome to Pendark, a city of murky canals, brutal gladiator fights, and sorcerers who feud over access to the silvery magical substance known as Watermight.

Tamri is a scrappy magic thief who’s trying to get her grandmother out of this festering swamp of a city. But when a quick score involving a dragon goes wrong, she’s shipped off to a distant mountaintop kingdom where the legendary Fire Queen is starting a school for magic wielders.

Tamri's not just going there to learn. The King of Pendark suspects the Fire Queen is up to something more dangerous than training young wielders, and he orders Tamri to find out the truth. If she fails, neither she nor her grandmother will survive the school year.

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